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By Les Turner

GENRE: Thriller

Detective Morgan must stop a psychotic serial killer who seeks his victims via the internet but in his attempts he finds that there's a much larger conspiracy than first thought meanwhile fighting the demons of his own past he discovers a horrific truth about his own past.


Detective Daniel Mogan is the son of Governor Francise Morgan who was raised up in the political world of Senators, Congressmen, Judges, Polititians and other Dignitaries. So it would only seem fit that he would have pursued a career in the politcal arena. Instead, his passion was in law inforcement, helping and rescuing abused and exploited children. It is present day, just before dawn and Detective Daniel Morgan heads a special tactics unit whos job is cracking down on child pornography rings. Their target is a suburban home that has been opporating a child pornography ring. Because the culprits may be armed and dangerous, they must use extreme caution. They enter the home without being detected by the purps. Sounds of a child who is being hurt comes from a distant room. There are also sounds of male voices coming from the room. As Morgan and his unit continue through the home, they are spotted by one of the purps from a second floor balcony. She yells out, alarming the others as she begins shooting nonstop triggering an all out shootout. After the whole ordeal is over, seven children are rescued, three purps are dead and one is captured. Morgans' determination for capturing and bringing these sick perverts to justice is almost an obsession. His record has been almost perfect until he is up against a serial killer who has a sick fetish for his victims and an unlimited supply through the world wide web. In order to find who is commiting these heinous killings, he must find who is the host of the web site which only certain elite clients have access. The stress of finding his killer begins to take a toll on Morgan and his wife. Morgan is married to his wife Sarah of five years. Sarah has two children from a previous relation, a boy six years old and a girl eleven years old. He treats them as though they were his. Sarah is head nurse at a medical facility and she tries to understand what Morgan is going through and that it's his job, but it's wearing her down. Her children love him because he is the only father they have really known. Sometimes Morgan can be over protective of the kids. Because of his reoccuring dreams and headaches, he reluctantly has to seek help. The pressure starts to get to him. He starts to become suspicious of everyone. He finds that he is in over his head when his investigation leads to people in high places, some of which he knows personally. people who will do what ever it takes to stop him. Obsessed with the investigation, it puts his family in jeapardy. A series of events take place during his search for answers. In his quest for the killer, he discovers a dark secret about his own past. Realizing that he has to stop this psychotic monster before more victims turn up, he starts to dig deeper into his investigation. What he discovers is something he knew all along.


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