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By Jenelle Cunningham

GENRE: Family

When a big city hot shot tries to revitalize a small town with an action packed competition to win money, it turns out the whole town has something to gain. 


Josh’s amusing oblivion to decorum in life has over stepped in all areas in the big city which forces him to move back to small town USA, Mt. Moriah, with his dad and brothers family. He quickly rebounds to become the mayor of the lackadaisical, worn dry, inside and out, town of Mt. Moriah. He collaborates with his brother, Joel, the pastor of the small town, who can barely tolerate all the favorable attention his wayward brother seems to be getting, to revitalize the town. They devise a plan for the community to compete in a contest to win money and live at the mayor’s mansion. In exchange Josh hopes to physically repair the town while Pastor Joel hopes to revive peoples spirits. The contest requires the townsfolk to complete tasks the mayor and pastor plan out for them. Not everyone is thrilled about the big contest. Humorous moments ensue as the events unfold in the race for the money. Among the townspeople who are Olivia, a struggling single Mom, trying to make ends meet and retain custody of her beautiful teenage daughter, Olive. Tallulah and Tom who are a young couple with twins, trying to keep their heads up in the midst of tension and financial hard times. Scarlett and her teenage son John who are outsiders, used to making it on their own. Divorced mother Paris and her glamorous daughter Milan who bring their beauty pageant elegance and style on a small town level. Uncle Gus and Aunt Rose who are the de facto grandparents of practically everyone in town. And Pastor Joel and his family who are there to facilitate the events as well as serve and care for the community. Right before the announcement of the contest winner there is a tornado that rocks the town leaving everyone to run for shelter. Families fervently pray for their loved ones as uncertainty hangs in the balance. Thankfully no one is seriously hurt but the storm has flattened the pastor’s home. With heavy hearts, the pastor’s family is forced to focus on real priorities in life. The towns people come to the pastor’s rescue and help him to start rebuilding all that was lost. Olivia and Olive are the real winners but it doesn’t matter because Olivia finds out what it means to have real faith as Josh is her hero for securing Olivia’s custody of Olive against her lying dictator dad. Tallulah and Tom work out their issues to become closer than ever. Scarlett and John are no longer outsiders but become “one of the family.” Pastor Joel is able to let go of his feelings of being second place to his brother. Josh finally finds meaning and discovers what life is really all about. More important than winning the money and the tasks of physically restoring the town, the hearts and lives of people in Mt. Moriah come together in unity and they all learn that life is better when we do it together.


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