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By J G Blodgett

GENRE: Horror, Mystery

A man awakens in a hospital to a comatose wife, a new baby girl, and a faceless evil which threatens to strip him of his sanity and everything he holds dear.


A newlywed couple, James and Nina Durant, finds and buys their first home after realizing that there is an awesome rock formation that sits directly behind the house. After settling in, the couple climbs the mountain and proclaims their love for each other on a plateau, creating a significant place and time.

The years pass, and Nina becomes pregnant. As the happy couple is enjoying a lightning show one night on their porch, they are struck by a bolt and both are knocked into a coma. James awakens a few weeks later to find that Nina remains in her coma, and that an emergency C-section was performed the night of the accident, leaving James to try and go on with life as normal with a newborn daughter—but all is not as it appears.

Just after leaving the hospital James starts to have strange sightings of a faceless Ghost in a hospital gown, has bloody delusions of accidents at work, and is plagued by a reoccurring dream of torment about Nina where he cannot reach her at the other end of a dark tunnel. James is referred by his doctor to a shrink named Dr. Nekawa, to help him, who prescribes an experimental drug that is supposed to help James “focus”—James ignores the shrinks advice.

Things only worsen and James' entire world is being stripped from him and he doesn't know why. James' parents, friends, and eventually Nina and his daughter are taken by the Ghost, and James is left in a deserted, decaying town to confront his Ghost.

After going home and destroying his house in a fit of anger, James notices the meds that Dr. Nekawa prescribed to him in his bathroom mirror, Nekawa's name reads backwards, spelling out "Awaken" and all becomes clear. James slams a handful of pills and awaits the night and the storm that is sure to come.

James rushes to the mountain where he and Nina professed their love, the Ghost trying to deter him along the way, and scales his way bare-handed up to the plateau. He finds an angelic version of Nina there, holding their baby in her arms. Nina only says “Come with us” then jumps off of the mountain backwards. James quickly follows and falls to the ground, causing him to wake up to a smiling and weeping Nina, and find that he has been in a coma the whole time.

But again, all is not as it seems. Subtle hints and similarities from his nightmarish coma start to surface on the way home from the hospital and James soon realizes a horrible truth …


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