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By J G Blodgett

GENRE: Crime, Drama

In the aftermath of an ill-planned heist, an army veteran trying to start a family must draw on his killer instincts to survive an onslaught of attacks by a local crime boss.


US Army veteran Wes, works as poker dealer at a local casino and part-time as a cabinetmaker with his two friends, Vinnie and James. While on a job for a very obnoxious customer, Domingo, Vinnie and James devise a plan to rip off Domingo after coming across a massive safe in his home.

Vinnie and James, with the help of an unknown gunman, execute their sloppy heist, scoring a hefty amount of cash. The third gunman kills Domingo when the two amateurs leave.

Being as slow as Vinnie and James are, they were oblivious to the fact that Domingo was the right-hand man of the very kingpin they hoped to work for, The Professor, a ruthless crime-boss, who now sets the dogs out on Vinnie, James and anyone who may be associated with them. With the help of their loyal childhood friend, Wes, Vinnie and James are able to skip town, and all seems to quiet down—until the two would be thugs return only six months later to get revenge and retrieve their stash of cash.

The Professor, catching wind of their return, sets a bounty-hunter couple, John Walker and his wife Amber, out on the trail. With the help of Jack, an overzealous young criminal that moved up into Domingo's old spot of power, the whole gang is identified—including Wes and Maggie—and targeted to be made an example of—with the cash box from the heist serving as the bounty.

For Vinnie and James, it's do-or-die, as their thirst for bloody revenge leads them down a dead-end path. But for Maggie and Wes, it's a fight for their lives, as they try to dodge Jahn Walker and Amber, cut ties with Vinnie and James, and somehow make good with the Professor before their little family is destroyed.


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