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By J G Blodgett

GENRE: Family, Sports

After a minor league baseball player is denied his dream position in the big leagues—simply because he’s a lefty—he forms a little league club team, comprised totally of left-handed players, as a means to show the world that a lefty can do anything a right-handed player can do.


SPENCER MARKS is a phenomenon in the baseball world, displaying talents that had him plucked straight out of high school and into the minors where he would be groomed to play major league ball for the Cincinnati Reds… that is, if his throwing hand was the "right" one. The Reds were recently sold and new owner, JACK DOYLE, doesn’t want a lefty at shortstop—Spencer's dream position since he first held a bat in his hand. Acknowledging his athletic abilities, Spencer is offered a position in the outfield. In defiance to their offer Spencer walks away from his $250,000,000 contract. He instead devises a plan to start an all-lefty little league team, in hopes of bringing them to the annual Cooperstown Dreams Park tournament, and showing the world that lefties can do anything right-handed players can do. Naturally, Spencer becomes a joke in the baseball world and a figure of betrayal to Reds fans. But it’s more than just some position to Spencer, it’s his dream. Luckily, his step-dad, ALFONSE, and estranged father, MICK TAYLOR, are empathetic to his aim. At first, Spencer is reluctant to accept his real father’s help but he soon realizes he’ll need Mick’s little league experience. A ragtag group of lefties, each player in need of some kind of guidance, is rounded up and training for the South Paws begins. Things are rocky at first as Spencer has no idea how to coach a little league team but with Mick’s help they develop a training strategy that helps the team prepare for Cooperstown. All is going very well when Spencer gets a call from his agent calling him back to play shortstop for the Reds. Once in Cooperstown Spencer’s mind is more on the news than on the tournament. The team suffers from a lack of his leadership. After a few losses the team blows up on Spencer, sending him out of the team barracks, angry and shamed. Mick goes after Spencer and has a heart-to-heart talk about what it means to be part of a team and how fortunate he is to make a living playing a game he loves. Spencer asks for his team’s forgiveness and, despite his betrayal, they welcome him back. The team bonds over a visit to the Baseball Hall of Fame and all seems well again… then Spencer gets the call, finalizing his deal. The team is crushed but they will not stand in the way of Spencer’s dream. Spencer packs up and leaves for the big leagues. In the morning, the South Paws start their fist elimination game without Spencer’s help. Spencer rushes back and shows up just in time to help the team turn it around and win. The South Paws climb the ranks till they make the championship game. They battle the opposing team like true champions but in the end are outplayed and they lose on a miracle play by the other team. After the tournament Spencer and Jack Doyle have a more diplomatic meeting about his future with the Reds, ending with Doyle not making any promises. Next time we see Spencer he’s walking down the entrance tunnel to the approaching roars of a welcoming crowd. When he emerges he stands in the middle of a packed Reds stadium with waving palms and confetti, and the announcer welcoming their new shortstop. Spencer, humbled, pulls his hat from his head and waves his thanks to the crowd.


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Zach Rosenau

This is a great premise! I'm going to read the script and write back with thoughts and observations.

J G Blodgett

Thanks. Sorry i haven't been on much. What did you think of the script?

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