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By Kenneth David Swenson

GENRE: Horror, Other

Part four of LYCANREVOLUTIONS in book form....


After the Ascension; the Humanity, the Mortality, is restored to all those who were turned who survived the 10,000 years of the Embraced. The Nosferatu decide to stay behind to help the Mortals. The Lycans being created beings, as well as all those who suffered the "blood curse" from other independent sources, also remain. Events twirl and swirl around these resurrected people; until the Last Stand against the Lycanthrope in Austrailia. A sweet poetic irony since the Embraced were terrified to go there; terrified because of the indigenous Vampire like creatures found in the wilds of the Outback.

Kenneth David Swenson

about 3/4 done with the second part and about 1/2 done with the first part. I know I write weird; even have the ending done. but that is just the way the words come sometimes.

Kenneth David Swenson

now in final edits to produce a Version 2.0

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