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By Kenneth David Swenson

GENRE: Horror, Other
LOGLINE: Part Three of book form


We follow the birth and life of The Ascension Child; a Mortal born to two Vampires, as time slowly winds down to the Ascension of the Vampires in the 26th Century and their hopeful journey Home. Also a last ditch attempt for the global takeover by The Lycans and a prevention of the Ascension. Questions or inquiries should be sent to Although each is a separate story; those wishing to look at all three or at the very least in order, will be given more weight.


“…When I was born the world changed. Okay that sounded a bit too stand offish; when I was born the World of The Embraced changed. I am Audaiyne de Borinyone; the Ascension Child. Half the Vampire world wants to worship me, half of it wishes I was dead and buried, and crushed, and drawn, and quartered and stoned, and exsanguinated and eviscerated…well you get the idea. It wasn’t always this way; at one point I was a bubbly baby delivered to the de Borinyone in a park in San Francisco. Now I am in my twenties and hiding. I am sworn to help the Family and to act as the female half to the male Uberbeing; who you may have been introduced to earlier.
I am Mortal; as Mortal as they can get. Now how do you say is it possible for this; a Child of two Vampire parents? Well it happens, more with those who were changed as opposed to The Original 14. For you see this appearance you see of them; well the easiest way to describe it is like a suit of clothes or a skin. Just because you have the Vampire skin on doesn’t mean you can’t turn yourself inside out so to speak; and let the human poke through. But the energy cost is terrible; which is why most of them need a bar full of blood when they find themselves having to do so.
And from the start I wish to apologize for all the skipping about; as I write this; well I’m back home. All of this having been done and done. In this book you will, in a terribly disjointed way, learn about my life; and about the serious attempts to snuff it out as well as the last gasp from the Deity Sydney and her gang to prevent the Ascension. Also the important bits that relate to everything that one needs to do, and know, when one is closing the book on things. Thank you in advance for your patience…”

  • Audaiyne de Borinyone
  • The Infinite
It was incredible, the stark difference between the two worlds; even if they did technically occupy the same space. The dilapidated and worn buildings of Old Paris, the people dressed in clothing that seemed not to have been changed since the bomb dropped, or gotten from backstage at Les Mis, the fire barrels now quiet because it was spring going into summer. And one could not help but look above, at the glass platform that covered over the space, the access tubes, and the massive concrete slabs that formed the base for the dizzying towers far above. -Rene Quivremont Paris Cooperative 2545

Kenneth David Swenson

just an update about halfway through at this point so completion is still about a month or two away.....

Kenneth David Swenson

part 7 has now morphed yet again into just an Epilogue...sometimes you just have to stop writing even if there is more in your head to be put down...

Kenneth David Swenson

now work on the epilogue this week should still be wrapped up by the end of this month...

Kenneth David Swenson

just did final blocking on the it's just a question of word to page...

Kenneth David Swenson

story is complete and done with draft edits...only a few pagination issues have to be squared away between versions

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