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By Tad Wojnicki

GENRE: Thriller

A skeptical scientist who hates any love complications is trapped during a typhoon by a fiendish boyfriend of his female assistant.




Tad Wojnicki

The salmon are hobos. Except for the Taiwan type. They don’t hobo. Cut off from the sea back in Ice Age, they swirl happily landlocked in the mountain creeks.

- Pictorial Geographic

TEDDY (aka "Dr. Hobo") is a former professor, former golfer, and current hobo. Badly hurt, he gave up on most everything, including sex. He accepts a Pictorial Geographic job to shoot the Taiwan endangered species.

PINKY is a Buddhist nun, grad student, and an occasional model. Her dying father had sworn her to Shark Wong. She joins Teddy on his shoot to assert her independence.

SHARK is an expert on historical torture tools. A bong-smoker, he tours campus barefooted. Pinky’s desire for independence drives him nuts.

Just as Teddy and Pinky hit the road, she finds her dog dead, pierced by an antique spear. Shark's job. Pinky won’t be stopped, though. She decides to go ahead. Shark goes amok.

The typhoon hits, forcing them into a hotel. They both hate it. After all, Pinky is sworn to Shark, while Teddy is sworn to celibacy. Culture shock fuels conflicts.

Skinny-dipping in the pool, Teddy and Pinky get attacked by a shark. The staff can't explain how the predator got into the pool. At the same time, their car gets torched. No one is able to explain it, either. Facing terror, they grow closer and closer.

The typhoon wreaking havoc, they climb the mountaintop salmon refuge. They film the fish and rush downhill, only to witness their hotel swept into the creek. Stripped of all, they make love. At the height of their passion, they become an easy target of Shark's spear.

Tad Wojnicki 818-649-4390 (USA)

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