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About John

Early Life

I was born in Ventura, CA on May 31st 1961 to a middle class family. My heritage is mostly Scottish, Irish and Cherokee. My birth was very traumatic as my umbilical cord was wrapped three times around my neck. It took 20 minutes for the doctor and medical staff to get me to take a breath for the first time. I was not your average little boy as I would always dream and foresee what was to come. I desperately wanted brothers and sisters but unfortunately I was an only child and a latch key kid. I sought friendships and felt very lonely. I stop lucid dreaming when I was in the fourth grade because my parents placed me on fluoridated water to strengthen my teeth. The water did more than just protect my enamel but also calcified my pineal gland. This gland is located in the center of the brain behind the eyes. I found out later on by reading journals that fluoride was responsible for the calcification.
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The last psychic dream that I had was a dream where I saw myself as a much older man helping a great many people to find true love.

Teenage Years

I was in the ninth grade when my father was offered a job he could not refuse in Mountain View, CA. We moved away from Ventura and relocated to Cupertino, CA. It was exciting because I often felt that my southern California family held conservative views that were oppressive and Northern California offered me the freedom to be without judgment. I found my calling during my tenth grade year at Monta Vista High School when I joined the drama club and took theater classes. My drama teacher was Mr. James Michael Kallas and he helped me come out of my shell. One of my most enjoyable memories was to be cast as Killroy in "Don't drink the water" written by Woody Allen. I think it is rather comical that I would enjoy this play given that I shouldn't have drank the water. I created the character Killroy, the ambassador's right hand man as a very prissy and flamboyant public servant.

Young Adult Life

I co-founded a community theatre group in Cupertino, called Cupertino Actors Studio Thearte, C.A.S.T. productions where I helped to produce 4 musicals a year over a 4 year period. I attended classes at Foothill and De Anza Junior Colleges and quickly realized that knowledge of the entertainment business was less important than actually knowing people in show business. I started working for Bill Graham, the rock impresario of concert promoting and became the facility electrician for many well-known artists, working 300 shows over a 12 year period. I met my ex-wife during the first year, she was the catering director and assisted me in receiving a promotion. I then became the dressing room coordinator and concierge, taking care of the artists' needs. Two years later, I married my ex-wife in Alameda, CA.

Adult Life

Our union produced two beautiful little girls and was for the most part happy. I was however holding a big secret about my identity. I always knew that I liked men but I had convinced myself that I was bisexual. Marriage to a woman would prove the contrary and we had to part ways so that we could both live a happy fulfilled life. I had transitioned from being a concierge to working for a 17 year career with Southwest Airlines. At first, this new job was very fun but during the last five years, I was promoted to a middle-management position which was for the most part unrewarding. I retired from Southwest with lifetime flight benefits because it was time for a change. I was 51 years old and quickly approaching my birthday.


My youngest daughter had been chronically ill since the age 13 and had been in and out of hospitals. As a father, I was experiencing a sense of overwhelmingness because I felt helpless. during the same time period, I was involved in a car accident. I was sitting at a stoplight and a little guiding voice inside me urged me to move to the right lane. I ignored it and before I knew it, a car hit me from behind and pushed me into the car in front causing a ripple effect. There were 4 cars involved in this collision and my car was destroyed. I was left with severe back pain. I no longer was working and did not have anything to distract me from all the pressures of my life. I escaped to London to accompany a good friend and it proved to be one of the best things that I could have done at the time. There, I met Betty Palko, a world renowned psychic-clairvoyant who had been advising Lady Diana. My friend was going to meet with her and decided to treat me to a reading. She was able to accurately describe all the events that were occurring in my life and acknowledged the fact that I am a very spiritual person. She mentioned that I am surrounded by angels and the spirit guide of my grand-mother. My maternal grand-mother was my care-taker when I was a child and she died in 2003. Betty told me that I needed to calm down and that I was going to die if I didn't embrace a spiritual path. She showed me pathways of possibilities in my life to come and explained to me the role of several influential and important people that I would be meeting. She told me that I was very psychic and I needed to develop my abilities.


I started studying card reading under the guidance of Robert Lee Camp. He is a world-known master astrologer and Grand Master Magi Counselor. It took me seven months to become certified as a Magi Counselor. I became proficient in astrology and interpreting planetary positive and negative aspect. i.e. I have a grand fire trine in my chart which means three planets (Venus, Uranus and the moon) are in harmony in the fire signs. This translate into me being a contemporary born matchmaker because I have been bestowed the gifts of understanding people deeply, their needs, their feelings and I reach out to them using all the technology that is currently available.
I have been working at promoting my company Karma Konnections™ at pride festivals and fairs. I plan on taking 33% of all the net profit to establish a foundation called 33 Blessings for Mother Earth™, which will contribute to reforesting the Amazon Rain Forest to help stop global warming. And so it is.

Unique traits: A Gifted Method Actor with a Creative And Unique Voice.

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