Mark Colombo

Mark Colombo

Black T Productions
Cinematographer, Director, Editor, Filmmaker, Location Scout, Music Supervisor, Musician, Producer, Screenwriter, Singer and Videographer

Parkersburg, West Virginia

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October 2014
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About Mark

I love to make films. Period. It's hard to find time to do this in my busy life, but I am thinking about it 24/7. I make short films, features, music videos and I do wedding videos. Always interested in getting a screenplay to make into a film. Hit me up.



  • I Am Wrath

    I Am Wrath (2016)
    Film (Action, Crime, Drama and Thriller) Actor A man is out for justice after a group of corrupt police officers are unable to catch his wife's killer.

  • The Axeman of Henderson County

    The Axeman of Henderson County (2014)
    Film (Thriller) Actor, cinematography, editor A small town is terrorized by an axe-wielding madman who attacks small business owners when the moon is full. The movie follows the town's three man law enforcement department, led by Sheriff Jake Genovise, in their attempt to catch the killer before he strikes again. The killer's dark past comes to light via flashbacks. He warns the town of his evil intent by sending letters to the Sheriff detailing his love of killing and his unwillingness to stop. Will the letters lead the Sheriff to the killer? Can the lawmen find him before he kills again or will this once peaceful town remain victimized by a force so evil it may be unstoppable? Written by C. Parmiter

  • Pro Wrestlers vs Zombies

    Pro Wrestlers vs Zombies (2014)
    Film (Action, Comedy, Horror and Thriller) Actor The Franchise Shane Douglas accidentally kills a wrestler in the ring. The wrestler's brother Angus seeks revenge by surrendering his soul to an ancient demon to gain the power to raise the undead. Angus then pays for a private show at an empty prison to lure Douglas and his friend Rowdy Roddy Piper into a death trap. Written by Anonymous

  • ReZistance

    ReZistance (2014)
    Film by Black T Productions (Action and Horror) Director, writer, producer, actor, editor, cinematography Luke and Greta are siblings that were raised in the hills of West Virginia. Being pulled in opposite directions, Luke a retired police officer dedicating his life to serving his community, while Greta fell victim to the pull of the darkness from the woods. From the beginning of time there has been a darkness that resides in the Appalachian mountainsides. That darkness knows how to whisper to those that are lost and compels them to do its bidding. This day that darkness overcame the town of Parkersburg. An outbreak of Zombies begins to overrun the area. Luke finds himself with a small group of others fighting for their lives. With the outbreak coming so quickly no one had time to prepare. No one had time to ensure that their loved ones were safe. Communication is lost. Loved ones are missing. The outbreak is spreading. The only way to stop the virus is to stop the source. Knowing that this type of affliction came from a darkness that was familiar and that was in close proximity the ... Written by Lear, Renee

  • White Zombie

    White Zombie (2014)
    Film (Horror) Actor Beautiful socialite Madeline White travels to the Old World to be reunited with her fiancée, Neil Bellamy, with plans to marry. However, on her voyage to the island, she meets wealthy plantation owner Gilles Beaumonde who secretly falls in love with her. Upon her arrival, Neil and Madeline seal their plans to marry unaware that Beaumonde already has his own intentions for Madeline. Beaumonde enlists the help of evil voodoo master Severin Devereaux who commands a crew of zombies with nefarious plans of his own. Although this remake adheres to many elements of the 1932 classic, it also differs greatly in its fantasy steam punk approach. This "White Zombie" includes new characters that flesh out the idea of voodoo as a key element of zombie-lore. In addition to characters carried over from the original are Baron Samedi (the "loa" or guardian of cemeteries,) guede (death spirits,) voodoo witches (reminiscent of those in Shakespeare's "Macbeth") and powerful voodoo priestess Mambo Brigitte... Written by Susan Sheppard

  • The House on the Wrong Side of the Tracks

    The House on the Wrong Side of the Tracks (2013)
    Film (Horror) Art department The House on the Wrong Side of the Tracks is a Found Footage Film. Three low life punks commit a home invasion with plans to capture all the action on camera, but when the couples son comes home they soon discover they entered the wrong house. Written by Anonymous

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