Loglines & Screenplays by Tyler Farr

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The Good, the Bad and the Coyote

GENRES: Comedy, Independent

A smart witty comedy about an American “Coyote” who illegally smuggles people into Canada’s borders but in order to save his business, he must make his way up the drug dealer chain to retrieve a criminal he helped before the fed discovers his secrets.

We the Jury

GENRES: Crime, Drama

We the Jury, is a crime thriller in the vein of 12 Angry Men, about jury members discussing a heated, controversial case and while pieces of the crime are being put together, the histories of jury members, lawyers, and the defendant add to a surprisingly plot twisted climax.

How to Write a Murder

GENRES: Crime, Experimental, Thriller

On the day of his father’s death, a murder mystery writer learns about his special childhood home being sold to a ruthless tycoon and he soon must discover if his latest story would be a perfect way to murder…without getting caught.

Karma Department

GENRES: Adventure, Comedy

Raf is the best angel in heaven’s karma department, creatively administering bad karma to citizens of planet Earth, but still yearns for his change to experience mortality for himself. When Raf’s latest attempt at karma kills a human, Raf must hurry to Earth to fill the body until the missing spirit can be found without drawing too much attention in heaven or on Earth.


GENRES: Comedy

We’ve all had dead end jobs. Workers, is about four friends who work “going nowhere” jobs, dealing with difficult customers they despise, but their lives suddenly change when they win the lottery, finally allowing them the opportunity to exact revenge on the customer and discover what they really want out of life.

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