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By David A. Bromley

GENRE: Comedy
LOGLINE: 'Are YOU Super?!' (The You would be in bold and underlined.) 'Cleaning up the city, while looking pretty!' 'Get it Gurl, GET IT!' 'Pray SMT don't break a nail!'


“Super Miss Thang” It’s a typical hot summer in Detroit. People fear everything and everyone. Lawlessness has taken over the city, and no one has the guts to take a stand. Crime, pollution, and corruption are the norm, and the police have nearly given up. No agency has the manpower to take on the one person who is responsible for the chaos, Mr. Big.This summer things are going to be different. One man, John Dennis will take her stand to set things right and free the city from the grip of Mr. Big and his henchmen. He will take a stand in stylish pumps, but not just any ordinary pumps, “The Pumps of Truth”.The Pumps of Truth were created by a freak combination of both man and Mother Nature. They have the power to transform a weak, kind hearted man into “Super MissThang” a sassy, sexy superhero who kicks butt first and asks questions later. Super Miss Thang has no fear and her unlimited powers make other superheroes green with envy. As the citizens of Detroit try and find out who Super Miss Thang is and where she came from. Whenever trouble is around, The Pumps of Truth Must find a closet for John Dennis to Transform into Super Miss Thang, and come out of, to save the Day! Now for the first time ever, Mr. Big has an obstacle so slick, so cool, so outrageous, that it will take every bit of power that he has to try to overcome her. Who will win this battle for the city? Grab a chair and sit back and watch as Super Miss Thang and the Pumps of Truth take you on the adventure of a lifetime as she crushes Mr. Big and the city’s evil doers, and restores justice!


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