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By Norman Ray Fitts

GENRE: Action, Adventure, Sci-fi
LOGLINE: A chance encounter between two people, one alien and one human, turns into a life-or-death race into Earth’s past leaving Earth’s future hanging in the balance.


Margaret O’Donnell is the human name taken by a Tylotheian envoy on Earth to evaluate the possibility of a first contact. Her outward appearance is very human. Earth is the only habitable planet within a light-year of a rift in the fabric of space. The rift is actually a portal to the past. Now another species is looking at Earth for its natural resources. When they invade they kill or enslave the entire native population. Circumstance brings her and a human named Lawrence Casey together, and plunges them into Earth’s past to escape a band of mercenaries from her side of the universe. Their involvement with the past causes Earth’s future to end with the detonation of a bio-chemical weapon leaving a third of the planet uninhabitable. The group, sent to rescue them, must also try and undo the events leading up to the disaster. Most of the story takes place, in eighteen seventy-five, in Wyoming. Our time travelers are caught in the middle of a range war between the valley and mountain ranchers. Two young people, Sarah and Joseph Mckenly, are in the wrong place at the wrong time. Saving them from being killed is the event that sets in motion the future events that lead to the destruction of a third of Earth’s population. Time is literally against them as they try to solve the riddle that will preserve the planet without destroying the lives of two innocent children. All this must be done while avoiding capture by the ranchers from the valley bent on their destruction. Help is on the way, but will it arrive in time to do them, or the planet, any good. This action/adventure storyline is a blend of science fiction with the feel of a good western and a story of discovery between two very, very different people.

Norman Ray Fitts

There is also a novel, written by me, based on this screenplay.

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