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By Norman Ray Fitts

GENRE: Action, Adventure, Sci-fi
LOGLINE: --IN CONSIDERATION-- An unlikely pair must travel back in time to save mankind from the ultimate weapon of destruction.


An object was discovered in a facility decades old. It looks like a ceramic capsule about three feet long. When two Technicians in Hazmat suits, in a sealed room, drill into it, they both drop dead. About a minute later everyone in an adjoining lab also drop dead. The Hazmat protocol in place instantly incinerates both rooms. That stops it. Where this one was found there was evidence of a second one. All of the documentation found with the object is in a language no one can read. The consensus is, if that happened in an open environment it could destroy all life on Earth. Jennifer Reynolds is a linguistics professor at a university. She is employed by the government to translate the text. What she uncovers could lead to the extinction of the human race. The only way to get back the missing object is to try and get to it before it’s moved; in order to do that they have to travel back in time thirty years. The technology exist and had only been used once. The time line was affected and it was decided it was too dangerous to continue doing it, but now it could be all or nothing. Jennifer is asked to join one other person just in case her unique ability is needed again. The man going back with Jennifer is currently 70 years old, Jennifer is 43. Because they both exist in the earlier time only their memories will go back and occupy their previous self. He will be 40, but Jennifer will only be 13. This unlikely pair will now have to perhaps save the future of mankind.

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