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By Norman Ray Fitts

GENRE: Action, Adventure, Sci-fi
LOGLINE: The world as we know it is gone and those who orchestrated the end of our existence never believed we would take the rest of the world, their world, with us, but like many who came before them they failed to understand the power that gave birth to the American sprit and hundreds of years later that strength of spirit will rise from the depths to once again claim its rightful place in a world that has mutated into something very, very lethal.


The year is 2073. The world as we know it is about to end. The United States and Canada are the only bastions of free thought left in the world. An electromagnetic pulse fired from two hundred miles above the North American continent leaves us deaf, and blind to what comes next. A biological missile attack kills ninety-nine percent of the population. The architects of our destruction are certain they have eliminated the last pocket of resistance to world domination. Like many who came before them they underestimated our willingness to defend our way of life. Following the attack surviving members of our military buried deep underground shielded from the effects of the pulse, and protected from the virus, turned keys and pushed buttons. This did not launch an immediate retaliation. What it did do was send a flash message to our Submarine Commanders at sea. The message began “The Submarine Effect is activated.” Three days later our submarine fleet launched a nuclear attack that left most of the planet buried under the fall-out generated by forty-three hundred warheads. In anticipation of this eventuality, twenty-five years earlier steps were taken to insure the survival of our way of life. It began with the construction of New Atlantis fifteen thousand feet below the surface of the Gulf of Mexico. It continued with the occupation of New Atlantis by our submarine crews. It will culminate hundreds of years later when they resurface to a world unlike anything you can imagine. Join the new crew of the Georgana a submarine that has survived its ancient past. They leave the safety of Quanterra, a city founded by the original inhabitants of New Atlantis; a city of two million, two and a half miles below the surface of the Gulf of Mexico. These adventurers will now risk everything in an attempt to reconnect with the surface the birthplace of their ancestors; a place that, with the passage of time, has mutated into something very different and very, very lethal. This action/adventure story relates to one of our possible futures.

Norman Ray Fitts

"The Submarine Effect" min-series is 5 hours of television written in teleplay format

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