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By Sean Nash

GENRE: Action, Adventure, Drama, Historical, War
LOGLINE: A Vietnam Vet, suddenly introduced by his Ex-Wife to the teenage Granddaughter she’s raised on her own and whom he’s never met, is forced to finally grow up when asked to talk the girl out of joining the military like her Grandad, and his Dad, and his Dad before him.


When hermetic jingle-writer Bob ‘Trumpy’ Conway is brought face-to-face with the teenage granddaughter he’s never met by the ex-wife who’s raised her single-handedly and whom Bob hasn’t seen for nearly 40 years, he’s forced to face the demons that first attacked him in the jungles of Vietnam when most kids his age were turning on, tuning in and dropping out. A precocious teenager with no male role models, his granddaughter Nic wants to join the RAAF to fly jet fighters and continue the family’s military tradition created inadvertently by Bob in Vietnam, his Dad, Harry, in WWII and Harry’s Dad, Billy, before him. But Bob’s ex-wife, Sharon, wants none of it and so begins a gradual and very reluctant dis-estrangement of a dysfunctional Australian family that’s participated in State-sanctioned killing for over 100 years – from the Boer War through to Afghanistan today. As Bob and an increasingly frail Harry share with Nic battle stories they’ve never told anyone, she begins to reassess the consequences of the ‘glamorous’ pastime of piloting a munitions-laden F/A-18 at Mach 1.5 over Afghanistan. Making the momentous decision to transfer from the cockpit of a RAAF jet to piloting Australian Army ‘dust-off’ Medevac choppers earns Nic a bullet in the head. But it finally breaks the cycle of stoicism in the men of the Conway family – including her five-year-old son, Zac – and opens the heart of Bob ‘Trumpy’ Conway.


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