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By Laurie Lamson

GENRE: Mystery, Drama

A Psychological Mystery

In the early 1960s, celebrities were able to keep the secrets and scandals of their private lives hidden. 

An arranged celebrity romance between an American movie star and an Italian singer seeking a cross-over career in Hollywood goes terribly wrong when she starts to take it seriously and he takes his own life.

Off-Stage Fright peels back the layers on the “beautiful people” who seem to have it all, until tragedy strikes.


Azalea Fiore is a tough, sexy, career-minded Italian singer who's been a professional performer since she was fourteen. To help launch her crossover career as an actress in Hollywood in hopes of becoming the next Sophia Loren, her new manager hires a bodyguard to make her look important. Then he helps organize a “celebrity romance” with Terry Fortune, a popular but troubled American actor.

The public eats up their seeming fairytale romance, which helps both their careers exactly as planned. As she gears up for her first American performance, their actual relationship develops more slowly. But as soon as they become intimate he asks her to marry him. When she asks him to slow down, he suddenly kills himself by jumping off his grandmother’s balcony.

The public blames Azalea for his death and the entertainment industry that was starting to embrace her now turns against her.

To ease her guilt and save her career, she vows to solve the mystery of Terry’s suicide. With the help of his tape-recorded audio diary, she uncovers his double life and realizes they share a dark childhood secret: they were both sexually abused as children by a family relative. By solving the mystery of his life and death, Azalea learns to forgive and heal from her own past so she can finally be ready for a chance at real love.


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