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By Tsara Shelton

GENRE: Independent
LOGLINE: A young therapist prescribes movies to his clients for their ailments while attempting to ignore the part of him that considers it downright ridiculous. Workouts and pain are entirely lacking, that part of him insists. His clients are doing well, but he isn't. He's torn between the idea of quitting or prescribing something for himself.


FOUR MINUTE FILM: JORY is a young therapist who prescribes just the right movie at just the right time for his clients. Although he's successful as a therapist, his personal opinion of himself and his true worth is faltering. TYRAN is his purely tough self; he paces, works out, and shows off his muscles while JORY works with clients. JORY is struggling personally and loosing some of his self worth while TYRAN is gaining strength and pushing the limits. JORY has to decide whether he believes in his ability to help people or whether he's been fooling himself - imagining his worth - all along. I wrote this screenplay for my oldest son. His work is putting on a short film contest (3 to 4 minutes max) and he wants to direct one. However, we have no money. So, I pitched an idea to him that would use only two actors (him and his brother) and one location. He liked it! I wrote this yesterday and sent it to him. It's rough, but I think the boys can make something pretty brilliant out of it.


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