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CARHOPPING scene: Carrie calls her mom

This is a short monologue from my yet-to-be produced screenplay, CARHOPPING. I am not an actress, but I love this part of the script. My sons were giggling while they filmed me. We had fun!

Funny Pilot of ... Living With Lynette ... shows how normal crazy…

(I play "Sherri" the ever costume/career changing neighbor. Gotta love the outfits! Everyone in this show is either family or friends of family, with autism, bi-polar, ADHD and more. My dad was dying of cancer when we shot this. He wanted to play himself so we'd have it forever and ever. I love that.) Written, directed and performed by brain expert Lynette Louise, The Brain Broad this is a comedy/movie pilot for a webseries. Just as Lynette specializes in autism so does this comedy highlight...

Living With Lynette (aka The Brain Broad)... Tsara teaser.

I play the role of "Sherri", the career challenged neighbor, in the fantastic comedy pilot "Living with Lynette". But in this teaser I play myself (sort of)! LIVING WITH LYNETTE is a pilot for a web series about a family with special needs moving into a new neighborhood and discovering that they are Relatively Sane. After all, every one is special. LIVING WITH LYNETTE is improvised from a base script and cast with actual autistic individuals as well as a bipolar neighbor. Though fiction it is based on fact and the cast members who "Live With Lynette" play themselves.

Autism Docu-Series Trailer FIX IT IN FIVE with Lynette Louise aka…

A New TV Series on The Autism Channel. Lynette Louise aka The Brain Broad travels the globe helping families and children solve multilayered brain issues. This is the international reality series my mom is working her patootie off to produce and direct and edit and host and... well, you get it!! Next episode is being filmed in Israel, and after that it's Peru.... if anyone wants to be part of this world changing (and fun!) project, feel free to reach out! Or just share the show with friends and family. It really is an amazing way to learn how to help our kids while playing.

Autism Comedy Trailer for "LIVING WITH LYNETTE" starring The…

I was the production assistant for this pilot episode of LIVING WITH LYNETTE. Oh ya, and I played Sherri... the nutty ever chasing a new career and life neighbor. It was a blast!!! # # # For years people moved in and out of my home for a variety of different reasons. Some wanted brain therapy, some a safe haven, others acceptance. I was const...

Tyran Shelton - "Brothers"

"Just a song I wrote when I was thinking about how much I love my family." Tyran explains. "It was edited and partially inspired by Jofry (Jory Shelton) ....... My son wrote this song. I'm a lucky, lucky, proud mom!!

"IRIS" featuring Olivia Jensen - Scary - 4k

Olivia Jensen and Gracie Burwell stay at a gothic mansion as the final challenge of a reality show that features staged paranormal encounters. This is the first short film my two oldest sons worked production on!! My sister was producing for a friend, and hired my boys to play the production role on set so she could stay home with her own kiddos. They know a kick ass opportunity when they see one. My sister is a pretty amazing lady!

Sexy Daydreams (or My Life is Awesome)

A song I wrote about the little things I love, and how they are the big things, because my life is awesome!!

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