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By Donna DeDionisio

GENRE: Romance, Comedy

A top-notch architect implusively takes on his identical twin brother's identity as an editor to find out if a woman could love him, more than his millions. Then chaos breaks loose as he attempts to win a special lady's heart while he avoids his twin brother and steers clear of an old girlfriend who wants him back!



Romantic Comedy Feature – Synopsis

by Donna DeDionisio

COLE JENNINGS seems to have it all. He’s self-made, exudes style, comes from a great family, and is a top-notch New York architect. Yet, he yearns to find a woman not attracted to his financial success and he’s pretty much thinking she doesn’t exist until a chance encounter with a lovely journalist, IZABELLA WAINWRIGHT, proves him wrong. Cole and Izabella’s first meeting is a disaster, but he gets a second chance as she walks into his identical twin brother’s editorial office for a job interview. His brother, MATT, is not there, but Cole is, so he impulsively seizes an opportunity to find out if a woman could love him more than his millions. As Cole takes on his twin brother’s life, he hires Izabella and whisks her away on ‘imaginary’ news leads that draw them into one comical mishap after another. From a protest that finds Cole ducking for cover, to a longshoremen’s strike that threatens his survival, to a dinner meeting that ends up in a complete fiasco, Cole decides he needs time alone with Izabella, so he lures her away on a ficticious weekend exclusive to New York’s romantic Belhurst Castle.

As their weekend begins, Cole discovers Izabella’s been hurt and doesn’t believe in happily ever after. ‘No knight in shining armor is going to ride up on a white horse and save the day.’ While Cole attempts to change her mind and win her heart, he also tries to avoid his grandparents who are there for their anniversary, his ex-girlfriend who shows up unexpectedly and wants him back, and his twin brother, Matt, who appears at the castle and wants answers to why Cole is acting so strange. And during all this, Cole’s comical partner, ALEKS, has fits of anxiety over Cole’s deception, but soon demands that Cole tell Izabella the truth – or he will. After a memorable evening helping a lost boy find his parents, dancing a stirring mambo, and continually avoiding his brother, grandparents, and ex-girlfriend, Cole seeks quiet time with Izabella and admits he’s falling in love. Then an untimely phone call from her friend, GINA, has Izabella learning what she thinks is the truth, that her boss (who she believes is Cole) is married with children. She’s hurt and upset, so she swiftly returns home. When Cole finds Izabella gone, he returns to the city, tries to explain, but she won’t speak to him. His plan has failed and he lost the woman of his dreams. Cole is crushed!

Cole sadly moves on as he begins work with the Mayor on a project to renovate a historical library. This story grabs the attention of the NY Times Editor who hires Izabella to do the feature. As she begins, Izabella is uncomfortable working with Cole on the project, but Cole realizes he just got another chance and doesn’t want to blow it. He also finds he has competition this time with Izabella’s ex-boyfriend who has returned to win her back. The project begins with a tense start, but Izabella’s able to see the real Cole and a friendship begins. As the renovation ends and a library opening is planned, Aleks comes up with a mission to bring Cole and Izabella together, but her walls are too high, his plan fails, and Cole ends up heartbroken. Suddenly, an idea strikes! His Grandpa always told Cole, “Actions speak louder than words!” So Cole rushes out of the festivities, leaving everyone in a confused state. As Izabella begins to leave, a trumpet sounds, doors open, and Cole rides in on a big white horse to save the day and prove his love. His actions speak louder than words. Izabella joyfully forgives him. True love finds a way!


The Magic Of It All - Romantic Comedy

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