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By Lisette Norton

GENRE: Fantasy, Sci-fi
LOGLINE: Young Antique Dealers stumble upon the magical Book of Medonsa, which leads them to uncover Medusa’s tomb and bring her back to life. Awakened, Medusa sets out to kill all the descendents of her enemy Greek God Zeus and build an Army of Fagians to battle for control of all mankind.


Act One 20 year old, Emily Zeus holds an Estate Sale to raise money for her grandmother’s funeral. Zag Lee, Max Alexander and Massy Baron all in their (mid-20s) meet with Emily, in search of antiques for their Unique Gift Shop. Max and Emily fall in love immediately after setting eyes on each other. Upon entering the three story Victorian home, Max, Massy and Zag go room to room, picking out items they want to buy. Zag ventures to the third floor, leaving Massy, Max and Emily on the second floor. Zag comes across a golden book, covered by a glass box. He removes the glass box and the power of the book takes control of him. The book leads him to a silver box, which Zag opens. He pulls the marble head of Medusa out of the box. The head is beautiful on one side, with hundreds of serpents on the other side. As Massy, Max and Emily make their way to the third floor, Zag has the head in his hands and the book under his arm. Massy and Max are amazed by Zag’s find. They question Emily about the golden book and Medusa’s head. Emily intrigues the trio with the history of The Book of Medonsa, a book created by Greek Goddess Marsala, Mother of Medusa. Emily explains how Marsala was banished from the heavens because she fell in love and became impregnated by a human. Greek God Zeus cursed Marsala’s unborn child to become a beast of the earth. Emily tells Zag, Max and Massy that Marsala finished the book before Medusa was born. The book contain spells of beauty and destruction, written so Medusa could have beauty as well as revenge against her mother’s enemies. When questioned about the marble head, Emily brushes it off as a fake replica of Medusa’s severed head. The trio buy all the items they chose, including the golden book and Medusa’s Head. As Max, Massy and Zag load items from the home into a pickup truck, Emily happily smiles as she kisses a ten thousand dollar check. Before leaving Max exchanges telephone numbers with Emily and asks her out on a date. As Massy and Max price items in their storeroom bought at the Estate Sale, Zag does research on the Book of Medonsa and Medusa’s head. Amazed by what he finds on the internet, his excitement catches the attention of Massy and Max. He screams that the head is really that of Medusa. Max is amazed by the information provided by the internet, but Massy needs more to be convinced. Zag’s search finds maps of where the rest of Medusa’s body could be buried. He is so convinced what is on the internet is true, he makes a bet with Massy and Max to get them to go along with his plans. Because Max, Massy and Zag don’t know how to decipher the greek language in the Book of Medonsa, they enlist the help of Jasper Ridge. Jasper is a Greek Mythology Major who works as an intern at the Unique Gift Shop. He is so amazed by the book, Jasper gets to work on the translation. A few days later, Max, Massy and Zag load gear into a pickup truck needed to find Medusa’s grave. Jasper tells them about what’s in the book. Massy is not impressed, so Jasper gets her to recite a beauty spell. The spell transforms her from a slightly overweight young woman with bad acne into a sexy, sensual woman with beautiful skin. Max, Zag and Jasper can’t believe their eyes. When Massy looks at herself in a mirror, she faints before turning to stone. As she crashes to the floor, stoned Massy breaks into pieces. The three men go crazy trying to find out what just happened. Jasper is shocked and Max wants to fight him. Zag tries to calm things down. Jasper searches the book of Medonsa, reciting different spells trying to reverse the spell recited by Massy. Zag and Max put the pieces of a stoned Massy together on the floor just as Jasper finds the correct spell. Massy turns from stone, back to the slightly overweight young woman with bad acne. Pictures taken by Zag prove to Massy what happened to her. She breathes a sigh of relief to be back to her normal self. All four head out at night to the Arizona desert to find Medusa’s final resting place. Following a detailed map, Max, Massy, Zag and Jasper Medusa’s tomb. With the Book of Medonsa, they are able to open the tomb. Inside they find artifacts made of gold and silver. Happy about their riches, Massy, Max and Zag do a celebration dance.Jasper works on translating the messages carved on the walls of the tomb. He leads the way, to a secret room containing the marble coffin. Using their human strength, the four push the top of the coffin open. The marble headless body of Medusa lies inside. Zag cheers because he is the winner of the bet made with Massy and Max. Under the cover of night, Medusa’s headless body is loaded into the back of the pickup truck, along with her treasures. ACT TWO The foursome decide to hide, Medusa with all of her belongings on Jasper’s grandfather’s farm. They make a pledge to keep quiet about their find. After photographing and documenting all of the items, Max, Massy and Zag leave. Because of Jaspers intrigue he retrieves the Book of Medonsa and Medusa’s head. After gluing the head onto the body, he works for hours reciting spells to bring Medusa back to life. Exhausted Jasper falls asleep and as the sun raises, so does Medusa. A beautiful woman with long flowing hair and goddess like features looks over Jasper. Her touch awakens him. Hypnotized by her beauty, Jasper is now Medusa’s slave. Zag, Massy and Max arrive. To their surprise, Medusa is alive in the flesh. Jasper tries to explain everything, but Massy is more concerned by the treasure and Medusa’s claim to it. Greed sets in and Massy becomes one angry woman. Max and Zag try to convince Massy that the Book of Medonsa and it’s powers are more valuable than the silver and gold. As they debate, Medusa and Jasper disappear with the book and the treasure. Back at her tomb, Medusa uses the magical powers of the book to call Pegasus, her child and fire breathing, flying horse. She turns Jasper into a hairy creature with ten inch claws, four inch saber tooth tiger teeth and wolf like snout called a Fagian. She rides off on Pegasus leaving the Fagian to guard her tomb. Max, Zag and Massy’s search for Medusa and Jasper turn up nothing. Back at the gift shop, they go over everything Jasper had deciphered from the book trying to find clues. Medusa travels to Greece. She creates a wicked weather storm that destroys a museum, in order to steal the Sword of Ion. The Sword used by Greek God Zeus to take her life. Medusa begins to build her Army of Fagians, who are ordered to seek out and kill all the descendents of Zeus. Max, Zag and Massy find deciphered information that leads them to believe, Emily’s life is in danger. They go to Emily with the disturbing news, but Emily doesn’t believe what she’s being told. As they try to convince Emily about the impending danger, Fagians show up and try to kill her. Zeus is made aware of the pending danger by the Earth Watchers. He sends out his Army of Justice to retrieve the rest of his descendents who are still alive. Zeus needs those descendents alive to have enough strength to battle Medusa and her Army. Massy, Zag and Max head to a Police Station with Emily to report the attack. The Police Officers laugh because they believe the foursome are on drugs. As Max, Massy, Emily and Zag try to convince the Police Officers of the truth, Fagians attack the Police Station. Officers are now locked in battle with the Fagians. Max, Massy, Emily and Zag flee for their lives. The foursome run into Officials from the Army of Justice, sent to protect Emily. The Army of Justice help the Police battle the Fagians before whisking Emily, Max, Massy and Zag off to safety. Amid the chaos Max and Emily find themselves lip locked. An Earth Watchers takes the news of Max and Emily’s budding love to Zeus. After witnessing true love, Zeus realizes the mistakes he made with Marsala, Medusa’s mother. He walks away, allowing Max and Emily the freedom to choose their own fate. Medusa’s magical powers reeks havoc world wide. Crazy weather filled with fire breathing tornados, lightning storms, earth quakes, torrential rains and floods. ACT THREE Zeus strengthens his Army of Justice to do battle. As Medusa and her Army of Fagians fight with Police Officers and National Guard Troops, the Heavens open. Zeus and the Army of Justice descend to Earth, riding lightning bolts. They strike the Fagians and the Fagians strike back. The war makes the earth shake. Greek Goddess Emily and other descendents of Zeus descend from the Heavens on rainbows. They call on Satyrs, half goat, half beast like creatures, with arms of swords to rise up against Medusa and her Army. Medusa turns into her beast like form as the battle wages on. She uses the Sword of Ion against her opponents. Emily seizes the chance, to battle Medusa herself with the Sword of Medonsa. Max as right at her side. The strength of Emily and Max, along with Medusa’s own sword overwhelms Medusa. She calls Pegasus to escape. The gallop of Pegasus creates a blinding dust cloud for Medusa to flee. Zeus clears the cloud, in time for Emily to take Medusa’s head off. Max does the same to Pegasus. The body of Pegasus and Medusa’s body falls to earth, like a stone. Medusa’s Army loses power and are over taken by the Army of Justice. The Heavens open up. Sunshine brightens the way as Zeus and The Army of Justice Ascend into the Heavens. Emily sends the Sword of Ion, the Sword of Medonsa and Medusa’s head into the Heavens. Police Officers and the National Guardsmen look on in amazement. Jasper awakens in his human form and Goddess Emily and Max help him rise to his feet. Massy and Zag run past the Police Officers toward their friends. Emily and Max say goodbye to their friends before ascending into the Heavens. Massy, Jasper and Zag walk across the Arizona desert, commenting on Max’s luck. Back to the Unique Gift Shop Massy, Zag and Jasper get back to business selling antiques. The Heavens open allowing Max and Emily to descend to earth for a visit with their friends at the shop.

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