Victor Stapelberg

Victor Stapelberg

Actor, art director and concept artist in Burnaby, Canada

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Victor's Bio

In a nutshell, as big as a "Coco de Mer" Victor Stapelberg says:

Multifaceted, polyglot and people person, Victor loves to communicate and interact with others throughout the many aspects of creative processing. Informed on trends and novelties via most mediums he thrives on projects allowing him to share his highly creative views not fearing intense brainstorming sessions. Excellent at generating Set or Costume Design his thinks constantly in 3D an ideal asset as Art Director. Last but not least acting is also part of what makes him tick and several projects have shown that. His latest short, acting out the twisted mind of a CEO lead "Foreclosure" the movie to be chosen as one of 350+ contenders to run this 2013 September in the ten finals. Intercontinental professional experience, paralleled with a constant passion for the Arts he loves to engage, collaborate, challenge with an amalgam made of his creative best. As most of us, with ambition, he is working towards the discovery of his talent south of his border to Hollywood south Los Angeles a city he is very familiar with. Whether film, video, opera and theater his artistic interests are multiple. Living in Vancouver, the Hollywood of the north he is only a call or flight away. The right opportunity allows him to boil over with creativity. He has never halted from stepping it "UP'r DOWN" to work with any of his talents. Victor enjoys to excite Producers and Directors with his quick visualization from 2D sketches to 3D via CAD. He loves to utilizes cross media platforms IT, Photography, Paint, Textile, cut, sews and work from fabrics to wood. He also advocates to “re & up cycling” with green technology where ever possible. Paris, New York, Hong Kong Johannesburg are just some of the cities I has had the privilege to call home for work out of 13 countries. To pay bills he runs his own Design company as per link below. Giving him the freedom to make myself available when ever and where ever needed. He looks forward you telling him of your special project in need of a brain that can translate words into reality. He hopes to be that dot on your "i" with his creative energy always aimed for style and perfection. Victor Stapelberg also write books and would love to find the right script partner. He always has several projects on the go, some of which he may share here. His English may not be perfect grammar but he feel gifted speaking six languages rather than only one to perfection. He closes this nutshell again by saying "As long as I can tell and share my stories I am happy" in either sides of the camera.

PS: Please TAKE NOTE: If you ask to join his network and your profile contains "nothing at all" it is most likely that he will not reply. He finds it frustrating and making no sense to network with members who can not take the time to share and show anything about what they do, like and create and work towards.

He also is most likely not to be able to accept network requests from members, actors only or movie technicians as he can't further your career not being in a position to "hire" anyone.

Victor's Credits

Enjoys to act as a "Standardized Patient" within the world renown UBC medical University (2015)
Medical patient in multiple live settings
UBC University of British Columbia

Foreclosure "private" password required (2012)
Main actor
Wayne Wapeemukwa

Almost a Turkish Soap Opera (2011)
Art Director, Costume & Set Designer and Actor

Was it worth it? (2010)
Art Director, Costume & Set Design, actor
OH Boy & Grape Production Vancouver Canada

Victor's Awards

Main actor in "FORECLOSURE" top ten short finalist at TIFF out of +350 movies worldwide ask me for password (2013)

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Victor Stapelberg

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