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By Devere Rogers

GENRE: Crime, Drama, Historical, Musical
LOGLINE: Set in late 1920s New York City, A rookie cop in his crusade to fight rampant organized crime, comes up with a crazy yet ingenious scheme to use the women of a Harlem brothel to assist him, but only under the command of its powerful Madame.


"MADAME" is an hour-long period drama that would be considered the offspring of "Boardwalk Empire" and "Scandal". Set in the late 1920s, MADAME follows the journey of a young excited rookie detective named Douglas Carter who is recruited from Chicago to New York City in order to help with the corruption and organized crime plaguing the town. While there, he is partnered with Clyde Holley, a hardened experienced detective, who begrudgingly tries to show him the ropes of the big city. His first night in the city, he goes to The Cotton Gin Nightclub in Harlem and encounters the bosses of both the Downtown and Uptown worlds all in one place. Chuck “Lucky” Luciano, the biggest Mafia boss in the city, Clarence McCoy, the charming owner of The Cotton Gin Nightclub, and Duchess, the Madame of the most respected and well-known brothel in the country. These bosses know each other very well and all 3 worlds thrive on the other. After realizing the connection between all 3 bosses, Douglas orchestrates a far fetched and grandiose plan to use the women of Duchess’ brothel, The Kingdom, to help him fight organized crime and ultimately take down Chuck Luciano. After convincing Duchess to help him by the lure of reward money, they embark on a crusade that neither fully understands how it will work. Through discoveries, mishaps, and sheer guessing, they will try to take down criminals in the city but all the while trying not to get found out in the process.

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