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By Dan Healey

GENRE: Comedy
LOGLINE: An idealistic teenager seeks the tutelage of a retired rock star to master rock‘n’roll, win the battle of the bands and keep his best friend from moving for college.



Terrance is a talented musician with a way with the ladies, but with few true friends. To Dante, understanding women is more difficult than Chinese algebra, but his sense of humor make him loveable to just about everyone in their high school. They’ve been best friends for years, but now they need each other more than ever. Terrance dreams of musical greatness. So, when he hears about the local high school battle of the bands and a chance for a potential record deal with a real music producer he wants his best friend Dante to join his band. Problem is, even his band doesn’t want anything to do with him as they unceremoniously kick Terrance out. While Dante is hesitant at first, his last embarrassing “romantic” encounter with hottie Cassie, convinces him that being the front man of a kick ass band is exactly what he needs. Together they assemble a group of talented albeit quirky guys. However, with no actual experience they can’t get any real traction in the music scene. One day, after a particularly disappointing performance, Terrance sullenly trots down the empty halls of the school, when he hears music. Loud rock music. He stumbles upon his guitar teacher Mac vigorously performing the most intense air guitar solo and air concert he has ever seen. Mac explains he used to be in a metal band in the 80’s and has played with some of the greats. Although it takes some convincing Mac agrees to help Terrance make his band amazing. Under the tutelage of Mac, the band morphs from a sloppy mess into a cohesive musical unit of awesomeness. They start making waves in their school. Terrance gains the respect of his peers, while Dante finally gets out of the friend zone with his first girlfriend Ashley. All seems to be going well, until Dante decides to pursue his dream of film school and accept his scholarship to NYU. Feeling betrayed and alone, Terrance kicks Dante out of the band just days before the coveted Battle of the Bands. But in the end, nothing can break the bond of best friends.


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Kieran C. Herman

So far I've only read the logline and I'm already picturing a Paul Rudd or Jason Segal comedy; Already sounds like a great read!

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