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By Adam Revesz

GENRE: Thriller
LOGLINE: When a famous, one eyed visual artist jumps at the opportunity to regain his vision through an experimental procedure, he not only loses his genius, but a secret social media world goes on the journey with him.


One Eyed Jack is a short psychological thriller about the lengths some people will go through to experience and give the experience of living the life of a celebrity. After a successful showing of his latest art work, Jack and his manager find a recently deceased homeless man in an alley. The body still warm, the manager says he has a doctor friend who is just experimenting with a new digital sight program to help the blind see. Jack takes the chance to be normal again, but that's just what happens- normality, and it affects every aspect of his life, especially his creative work. He can no longer see the world from his old unique perspective. Jack also has another important show looming and if he can't crank out another brilliant showing his career could be in jeopardy. It's a failure. His work is sub par, plus everyone seems to be acting very strange toward him. Thankfully his new girlfriend comes clean when she finds the dark truth behind the real purpose of his new eye and how the whole world is watching...

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