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By Jd Moores

GENRE: Action, Crime, Drama, Sci-fi
LOGLINE: Four self-proclaimed time travelers travel BACK to 2023 and imprison cocky young police sergeant Hal Price in his hi-tech, futuristic home in order to keep him from leading a particular drug raid and making decisions that adversely change everyone's lives.


THE HOUR TRAP blends the fun and exciting nature of science fiction and time travel tales such as BACK TO THE FUTURE with the poignant character development, dramatic tension and single-setting emphasis of movies such as 12 ANGRY MEN and Michael Mann's 2004 film COLLATERAL. From the start, Hal Price is a ready-made hero in every way, from his dashing good looks and dangerous job to his gorgeous girlfriend Rayna, but over-confidence in his own righteousness and abilities has led to careless decisions and a blindness to those around him that have been negatively affected, but cannot or will not speak out. Only when the truly unbelievable happens and he is trapped with Rayna in his own hi-tech home by invaders claiming to be from the future is he forced to watch, in real time via holographic technology, as some of the direct and indirect consequences of his arrogance and recent decisions play out in shocking and even deadly ways. Like Scrooge of A CHRISTMAS CAROL, though, Hal still has a chance to change and to act just enough to save at least one very important life... if he can only escape his own hi-tech, hi-security home-turned-prison! Indeed, it is in the process of trying to escape that the invaders' true identities, motivations and alleged connection to our protagonists is potentially revealed.

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