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PUCHO Cigars

PUCHO is an exclusive, high quality brand of cigars hand rolled from the finest Cuban tobacco seeds grown and harvested in Nicaragua’s fertile Jalapa Valley. With the guidance and expertise of one of the most legendary cigar-making families in the world – the Plasencia Family – each cigar is created from PUCHO’s proprietary blend of long-leaf, finely-aged tobacco. From start to finish, more than 200 expert hands delicately handcraft each and every cigar to help create the ultimate “seed to smoke” experience for the discerning smoker.

Blood Knot

The Shenandoah Valley lies just two hours outside of our nation's capital and offers some incredibly diverse freshwater fishing. It is hard to find mountain brook trout, spring creek rainbows and browns in such close proximity to some of the best smallmouth, carp, and musky fishing in the country. Twin brothers, Brian and Colby Trow, are natives of Virginia who took their love of fly fishing together and put it all on the line to 'live the dream' in the center of this unheralded fishing...

Orvis Trout Bum // Men's

A promo video featuring men to support a large outdoor retailer's product line rollout and marketing campaign.

Orvis Trout Bum // Women's

A promo video featuring women to support a large outdoor retailer's product line rollout and marketing campaign.

Orvis Trout Bum // Combined

A promo video supporting a large outdoor retailer's product rollout and marketing campaign.

Mend - Trailer

By some accounts, Joey Maxim died on November 21st, 2011. The car crash was horrific, so bad in fact that both of his lungs collapsed and his vertebrae touched, pinching his spine and leaving him unresponsive to paramedics at the scene. While machines sustained his body over the next few days, his family was told that he could be a vegetable. Doctors said that if he made it at all, he would likely not walk or talk the same ever again. But this story is not about how he survived. This is a story about how he found a way to live.


Three years ago, adrenaline junkie Art Webb barely escaped a rock climbing fall with his life. During his recovery, Art found a substitute thrill: pursing marlin…

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