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By Chris Mueller

GENRE: Comedy

A smart-mouthed underachiever slides into an easy gig substitute teaching at his old high school. But when he discovers an ex-girlfriend works there too, he takes up a new course --- winning her back.


SUBBIN’ is a network friendly sitcom, with colorful characters and an off-center quirkiness, ala Parks and Recreation or 30 Rock.

We follow twenty-eight-year-old Ryan McShay, a guy who has crossed a lot off his bucket list: Dyed his hair and lived as a ginger for a year. Tamed feral cats as part of an inner city circus act. He even has a framed photo of Richard Grieco in line at a Pinkberry. They both got the pomegranate.

Yeah... Ryan hasn’t exactly aimed high in life.

Which is why a decade after graduating, he’s substitute teaching at his old high school. Hoping for some kind of do-over.

You see, Ryan used to be the popular kid. Prom King. Varsity athlete. The jerk who cracked on you in class. He was THAT GUY.

And that guy is totally unprepared for high school life today, where everyone’s a smart ass thanks to Twitter!

Like TJ, a bullied sophomore who fights back the only way he can --- on the internet. He runs an underground TMZ-like website, but it’s focused on the shenanigans of high school life. His favorite target, Ryan.

Or Officer Cooby, an unhinged security guard famed for his tattooed biceps, each sporting one of the mythological dogs of war -- Phobos and, er, Chandler. Yes, Matthew Perry’s smiling face sits atop one of the hell hounds. Cooby was a big fan of Friends, so it was a compromise.

And then there’s Allison, the hard-driven English teacher who’s always trying to get Ryan fired. Not just because he’s terrible at his job. She was Ryan’s high school sweetheart. And he dumped her. On national television.

Winning her back just topped Ryan’s new bucket list.


(you can read the entire script (and bible) at Amazon Studios, where it is one of the very few projects that made their 'Notable List')

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