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One of the most diverse DP's in the biz with over 20 years experience shooting features, TV, commercials and docs. Very comfortable with the myriad of choices avail today in choosing the visual direction of project. A leader on set and a director's best bud, he brings an infectious attitude of creativity and inclusiveness to a production.

Unique traits: I frame and light compelling images




  • Biggie: The Life of Notorious B.I.G.

    Biggie: The Life of Notorious B.I.G. (2017)
    TV Movie (Biography) Cinematographer The first authorized biography of Christopher Wallace, allowing Christopher to narrate his own life story. Using archival footage and previously unknown audio to tell the story along with interviews with those that knew him the best.

  • The L.A. Riots: 25 Years Later

    The L.A. Riots: 25 Years Later (2017)
    TV Movie (Documentary) Cinematographer HISTORY brings you an all-encompassing documentary event cantered around the 25th anniversary of the LA Riots, the most destructive riot in American history that left 53 people dead and caused over a billion dollars in damage.


    GIRLS & BOYS (2017)
    Film (Short and Drama) Cinematographer Add a Plot »

  • L.A. Burning: The Riots 25 Years Later

    L.A. Burning: The Riots 25 Years Later (2017)
    TV Movie (Documentary) Camera and Electrical Department L.A BURNING: The Riots 25 Years Later explores the lives of the people at the flashpoint of the LA riots, 25 years after the uprising made national headlines and highlighted the racial divide in America. The film views the infamous intersection and the events that transpired there through the lens of the people who converged on the corner that has become known as the flashpoint and the people who called the place home long before the fires burned and brought national attention to their doorsteps. The film introduces the back-stories and long-term effects of a cross section of key actors at Florence and Normandie-rescuers, victims, law enforcement, rioters, media- and others. Twenty-five years later, the film shows reunions at the flashpoint; victims looking to overcome their fears as they return to the scene that has caused so much pain in their lives. And the film finds those who committed violent acts in a moment of anger and despair, reflecting on their actions and how their lives ... Written by M & E

  • I Like You Just the Way I Am

    I Like You Just the Way I Am (2016)
    Television (Comedy) Cinematographer She's the best kind of crazy: completely unwilling to change. Everyone thought marriage would calm Jenny down, but she stayed defiantly insane. From assaulting her husband's ex with a drone to faking a seizure on a plane, Jenny's desire to be liked leads her through absurd situations and hilarious capers as she navigates through life with her equally crazy husband, family, and friends. Written by ABC

  • Streets of Compton

    Streets of Compton (2016)
    Television (Documentary, Crime and Music) Cinematographer A&E's 3-hour documentary mini-series, tells the true story of the the City of Compton, revealing how a city overrun by gang and drugs became a cultural powerhouse. Superstar rapper, The Game, brings us unprecedented access to the streets of his hometown, documenting the rise of gangs and the rise of gangsta rap. In this episode, a quiet suburban city transforms into a dangerous ghetto and spawns a new form of hip hop with legendary group N.W.A and careers of Venus and Serena Williams and comedian Paul Rodriguez. Written by GORAS

  • My Haunted House

    My Haunted House (2015)
    Television by Lifetime Movie Network DP

  • Rich In Faith

    Rich In Faith (2015)
    Television by Oxygen DP

  • Quick Draw

    Quick Draw (2013 - 2014)
    Television (Comedy and Western) Cinematographer Fresh off the stagecoach from Harvard, Sheriff John Henry Hoyle faces an uphill battle in his quest to introduce the emerging science of forensics to an unruly Kansas town. Though the citizens of Great Bend, Kansas are generally unimpressed with Sheriff Hoyle's educational pedigree, they come to appreciate his sharp mind and sharper shooting as he and his reluctant Deputy Eli hunt down robbers, murderers, and the dangerous riffraff that have plagued the town for years. Written by Anonymous

  • Grimm

    Grimm (2014)
    Television by NBC Camera operator

  • Goodwill Oregon

    Goodwill Oregon (2014)
    Commercial by Red Door Films DP

  • Tiny Houses

    Tiny Houses (2014)
    Television by Gurney Productions DP

  • Jersey City Story

    Jersey City Story (2014)
    Drama by Lexis DP

  • QuickDraw

    QuickDraw (2014)
    Television by Hulu DP

  • The Kandi Factory

    The Kandi Factory (2013)
    Television (Reality-TV) Director Follows The Real Housewives of Atlanta star and multi-platinum songwriter, Kandi Burruss, as she transforms two music hopefuls into the next big popstar.

  • Off Pitch

    Off Pitch (2013)
    Television (Reality-TV) Producer Add a Plot »

  • Millionaire MatchMaker

    Millionaire MatchMaker (2013)
    Television by Bravo DP

  • Harlan County Justice

    Harlan County Justice (2013)
    Television by NatGeo DP

  • Start-ups Silicon Valley

    Start-ups Silicon Valley (2013)
    Television by Bravo Director

  • Ghost Bait

    Ghost Bait (2013)
    Television by Gurney Productions DP

  • Bounty Wars

    Bounty Wars (2012)
    Television (Reality-TV) Cinematographer When a fugitive skips court and goes on the run, bail bonds companies are on the hook for the money. To motivate bounty hunters to find the accused and recover their cash, these companies create competitions. 'Bounty Wars' tells the stories of these real competitions. In a race against the clock, three bounty hunting teams from California-based Bad Boys Bail Bonds are given five days to put a list of accused in custody while earning big bucks for taking big chances. Written by Discovery

  • Start-Ups: Silicon Valley

    Start-Ups: Silicon Valley (2012)
    Television (Reality-TV) Director Teaming up with internet entrepreneur Randi Zuckerberg, series captures the intertwining lives of young professionals on the path to becoming Silicon Valley's next great success stories.

  • Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis

    Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis (2012)
    Television (Reality-TV) Director Spin-off from the show Flipping Out, The show features Jeff Lewis and Jenni Pulos visiting the homes of clients and staying with them while a renovation takes place. As well as redecorating, Lewis attempts to rectify problems with his clients' relationships.

  • Off-Pitch

    Off-Pitch (2012)
    Television by VH-1 Director

  • Playback

    Playback (2012)
    Film by Magnet DP

  • 10 Items or Less

    10 Items or Less (2012)
    Television by TBS DP

  • Deception with Keith Barry

    Deception with Keith Barry (2011)
    Television Cinematographer Add a Plot »

  • Witness LA

    Witness LA (2011)
    Drama by West Pete Inc Director/DP

  • The Haunting

    The Haunting (2011)
    Television by Go-Go Luckey DP

  • Paranormal State

    Paranormal State (2011)
    Television by A&E DP

  • Finding Hope

    Finding Hope (2011)
    Television by Lady of the Canyon DP

  • DogTown

    DogTown (2010)
    Television (Documentary) Cinematographer DogTown documents the work of Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, where trainers and vets rescue and rehabilitate dogs no one else wants. Follow the stories of dogs and the people who love them enough to give them a second chance at life.

  • Kid Rock: Born Free

    Kid Rock: Born Free (2010)
    TV Movie (Documentary) Director Add a Plot »

  • The T.O. Show

    The T.O. Show (2010)
    Television by VH-1 Director

  • Fly Girls

    Fly Girls (2010)
    Television by CW Director

  • Just Peck

    Just Peck (2010)
    Film by Jerry Leider Productions DP

  • XII

    XII (2008)
    Film (Horror and Thriller) Cinematographer A man found guilty of a crime against a minor is released from prison and returns to get revenge on the jury who sent him there.

  • Flipping Out

    Flipping Out (2007)
    Television (Reality-TV) Cinematographer Just when America's favorite house flipper thinks his life could not be any more chaotic, Jeff Lewis embarks on the most unpredictable challenge yet - fatherhood.

  • Top Design

    Top Design (2007)
    Television (Reality-TV) Camera and Electrical Department Aspiring interior designers compete for the chance to start their own design firm.

  • Karaoke Superstars

    Karaoke Superstars (2006)
    TV Movie (Reality-TV) Cinematographer Add a Plot »

  • No Limit: A Search for the American Dream on the Poker Tournament Trail

    No Limit: A Search for the American Dream on the Poker Tournament Trail (2006)
    Film (Documentary) Cinematographer Is high-stakes poker a metaphor for the American Dream? A bi-coastal couple, Susan and Tim, carry their independent film company and four-year-old son on an eight month ride through the world of tournament poker. Their plan: Play in six high-stakes poker tournaments. Win some money. Document their journey. Save their company. Business and formerly romantic partners, Susan and Tim often disagree. Susan is a self-directed, high energy gambler who has won poker tournaments before. Tim is her sensible but anxious mate and often her unwanted conscience. No Limit takes us through the highs and lows of their quest. Along the way, we get to meet the peculiar players from around the globe who populate the poker world and hear their thoughts on poker's connection to the American dream. They are, by turns, passionate, overwrought, insightful and absurd. None are boring, and many have become superstars in their sport. Primarily, they speak to the virtues of both risk taking and a psychological ... Written by Mahil Senathirajah

  • Sensing Murder

    Sensing Murder (2006)
    Television (Crime and Mystery) Cinematographer Add a Plot »

  • Chester's Big Night

    Chester's Big Night (2004)
    Film (Short and Comedy) Cinematographer When six-year-old Chester looses his first tooth, a communications mix-up leads to a showdown between the Tooth Fairy and the Sandman in Chester's bedroom.

  • Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County

    Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County (2004)
    Television (Drama and Reality-TV) Cinematographer MTV follows eight teens living in Laguna Beach nearing the end of high school and beginning the next chapter of their lives.

  • Love Is in the Heir

    Love Is in the Heir (2004)
    Television (Reality-TV) Cinematographer Alleged Iranian Princess comes to America to make her mark in country music.

  • The 5 Coolest Things

    The 5 Coolest Things (2003)
    Television (Documentary and Sport) Cinematographer Matt LeBlanc hangs out, rides with and interviews the hottest athletes in the motorcycle world. Supercross w/Jeremy McGrath, Off-Road with Rodney Smith and Mike Kiedrowski, Freestyle w. Travis Pastrana and Road Racing with Nicky Hayden.

  • Scratch & Burn

    Scratch & Burn (2002)
    Television (Comedy and Music) Cinematographer 4 guys (Dragon, GQ, Jordan, and J.A.Q.) play all different types of characters in this new sketch series on MTV.

  • Hometown Legend

    Hometown Legend (2002)
    Film (Drama, Family and Sport) Cinematographer Nothing is impossible for those who have a dream!A single boy can bring victory to his school and make the entire town proud again.Despite his rough coach and a whole team lacking a will for victory anything could happend, even a love with a local girl.

  • The Dandy

    The Dandy (2001)
    Film (Short) Cinematographer Add a Plot »

  • The Mind of the Married Man

    The Mind of the Married Man (2001)
    Television (Comedy) Camera and Electrical Department A look at married life through the minds of 3 coworkers.

  • Le chemin du retour

    Le chemin du retour (2000)
    Film Cinematographer Add a Plot »

  • Massholes

    Massholes (2000)
    Film (Comedy) Cinematographer A day in the life of four Massachusetts high schoolers.

  • Undressed

    Undressed (2000)
    Television (Comedy and Drama) Cinematographer Anthology series examines the diverse sexual relationships involving the different genders, races, sexual orientations, and fetishes of high schoolers, college students, and post-college roommates.

  • Men in Scoring Position

    Men in Scoring Position (1999)
    Film (Drama) Cinematographer Longtime buddies Mitch and Danny are working-class guys in their 30s that life has slapped around ever since their glory days as high school jocks. But losing doesn't mean they see themselves as losers, and while they lick their wounds every afternoon at a rundown neighborhood bar, they still believe they're just one clutch hit away from getting back in the ballgame. The problem is that their lives become a cycle of idle talk, half-baked plans and fear about the future. Mitch, especially, wants to act, and is never at a loss for ideas about illegal shortcuts. Despite his bravado, he is paralyzed by his lack of confidence. Danny has chosen the moral high road and a newfound faith in his own attempt to get on track. But his is the weaker personality and it's impossible for him not to get caught up in Mitch's schemes. Lucy is a naive, idealistic young woman who is as broke as Mitch and Danny, but who's spirit has not yet been broken by life's disappointments and failures. She has just ... Written by Timothy Rhys <>

  • Alma

    Alma (1999)
    Film (Documentary) Cinematographer Add a Plot »

  • The Sex Monster

    The Sex Monster (1999)
    Film (Comedy) Camera and Electrical Department A neurotic L.A. building contractor pushes his wife into entering into a three way sexual relationship. Unfortunately for him, his wife gets more out of it than he does and becomes a tigress seducing every female she meets including the contractor's secretary. Written by John Sacksteder <>

  • Mobius

    Mobius (1997)
    Film (Sci-Fi and Thriller) Cinematographer There's a conspiracy about a space shuttle. An agent infiltrates to a software company to prevent leaks through space shuttles computer system.

  • Carolina Low

    Carolina Low (1997)
    Film (Drama) Cinematographer When the family's North Carolina farm is about to be taken by the banks during the Depression era, two boys decide to start robbing banks and return the money to the people.

  • Inn Trouble

    Inn Trouble (1997)
    Film (Comedy) Cinematographer Add a Plot »

  • The Shop Below the Busy Road

    The Shop Below the Busy Road (1997)
    Film (Comedy and Short) Cinematographer Add a Plot »

  • Approach of Dawn

    Approach of Dawn (1997)
    Film (Documentary) Camera and Electrical Department Add a Plot »

  • Joint Adventure

    Joint Adventure (1996)
    Film (Adventure and Comedy) Cinematographer Add a Plot »

  • Mother of the River

    Mother of the River (1995)
    Film (Short) Cinematographer Add a Plot »

  • Other Voices, Other Rooms

    Other Voices, Other Rooms (1995)
    Film (Drama) Camera and Electrical Department Other Voices, Other Rooms

  • Mr. McAllister's Cigarette Holder

    Mr. McAllister's Cigarette Holder (1994)
    Film (Drama and Short) Camera and Electrical Department Add a Plot »

  • Sweet Dreamer

    Sweet Dreamer (1990)
    Film Camera and Electrical Department Add a Plot »

  • Staying Together

    Staying Together (1989)
    Film (Comedy and Drama) Camera and Electrical Department Jake McDermott, after 25 years running a fast food business, proclaims one morning that he's hated dealing with chickens the entire time and has finally sold the family restaurant. For his three sons, who counted on taking it over someday, this comes as a shock and begins to break apart their family. No longer big, carefree fish in a small pond, will the boys manage to rearrange their lives and reconcile with their parents? Written by Tom Zoerner <>

  • Vietnam War Story

    Vietnam War Story (1987)
    Television (Drama and War) Camera and Electrical Department A television anthology series which attempted to illuminate various aspects of the Vietnam war by dramatizing true stories of both combat and personal relations. Most of the stories were not actual representations of the originating events, but were stories which were inspired by real-life events while being wholly fictional in details. Most of the episodes were written by Vietnam veterans. Written by Jim Beaver <>

  • The Lighthouse

    The Lighthouse
    Film (Short and Drama) Cinematographer A young mother with troubling dreams reunites with everyone she knows and loves at her thirtieth birthday party.

  • The Hills

    The Hills
    Television (Drama and Reality-TV) Cinematographer After high school graduation, "Laguna Beach" alumna Lauren sets out to live on her own in Los Angeles and work as an intern at Teen Vogue.

  • Gosnell: America's Biggest Serial Killer

    Gosnell: America's Biggest Serial Killer
    Film by Hat Tip Films/ Nick Searcy DP


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