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By Brian Graf

GENRE: Thriller, Crime

When a not so “by the book” Miami cop finally catches up with a well-known drug dealer who has been selling heroin on the streets for years, he brings justice to the streets and the dealer is given 6 years in prison. But now the dealer has been released and is already back on the streets pushing Heroin. What nobody knows yet, is that the supplier and the dealer had previously made a deal with the devil. The deal involves the fatal drug itself taking on spirit form, gaining strength from every buyer/addict who is killed by the drug. The dealer begins his quest to get his revenge by selling the cop’s brother, a Heroin addict, a shot of lethal heroin, thus putting the Devil’s pact in motion. So in a race against time, the cop is in search of this big time drug dealer, not only to stop the dealer from selling this increasingly fatal mixture to other victims, but also to stop the increasingly powerful force of the drug’s spirit from continuing to gain supernatural strength.

Dina Abou Raya

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Stanley N. Lozowski

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Stanley N. Lozowski

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