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By K. Williams

GENRE: Experimental, Fantasy, Sci-fi
LOGLINE: What would happen if a human had to save an angel?


Working on making it a trilogy, but currently...When Maielle, an angelic servant of The One, loses a child named Leena to death, she blames her defeat at the hands of the demon Mort on her inability to control her anger. Engrossed in her tender feelings, Maielle tries to return home to lick her wounds. However, neither her children nor her husband Dominic are able to offer any solace. Anger turns to fear. Maielle’s archangel mother and aunt, along with her two angelic brothers appear to offer their support to her and word that The One wishes to question Maielle on the facts of Leena’s death. Now, she reaches a breaking point. Hurt, afraid and angry Maielle runs from the comfort of family to the solitude of her sacred grotto. Lying by the water, Maielle tries to heal her wounds on her own, but her husband interrupts. Though well meant, Dominic’s intrusion sparks his wife’s anger. Maielle turns into a cougar, symbolically meant to display her feral aspect. In that form, she dashes into the wilderness of human reality, seeking safety from her torment. On Earth, Maielle is pursued by relentless demons set upon her by Belial the Dark Angel, who wishes to assure her fall from The One’s grace and secure his win in the battle against good. Chased into a corner, Maielle seeks sanctuary in an Eastern European church. Here she finds a kindred soul, Orius, and the advice only he can offer. In the meantime, The One has selected Dominic and Leena to retrieve Maielle from the brink. What are The One’s real plans? Forced to travel cross-country with little help from the “good-guys”, Dominic and Leena are pursued by demonic assassins. It appears they will never reach their goal before Belial wins Maielle to his side and wages war on Heaven. (c) 2005 You can read a piece at

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