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By Bruce Marich

GENRE: Crime, Other, Thriller
LOGLINE: Inside this family there are rules and he who is willing to kill ... Rules.
Base around a true story


Born to a connected Italian family on the south side of Chicago in 1950, Frankie grows up in a violent world. As a child, beaten and abused by his father, he takes to the streets and alley's. He realizes early on that money, guns and street smarts are are what's needed to survive. His three Uncles, Alberto, Carmine and Tony are associates of the Chicago Outfit. He avoids being involved with his Mafia family, but uses their resources to accommodate his lifestyle. His accidental involvement with an outlaw motorcycle club plunges him into a world of brotherhood, money, greed and deception. The club members become his family and he is sworn to their code. His natural instincts for maintaining independence from bothworlds, and his quick rise to success drives a stake between his Mafia family and his club brothers. The meth labs anddistribution of product involves bikers, mobsters in Chicago, Detroit, Milwaukee and Toronto. When his club brothers, Louie and Rings decide that they want his connections without paying for them, all hell breaks loose and Frankie is stuck in the middle. A contract is put on his life and this creates a deadly intervention from his Mafia family.Carmine and Tony are embarrassed by Frankie paying his club brothers street taxes. They decide to take what they think is theirs taking over Louie and Rings strip clubs and shutting down their lucrative drug operations. When Frankie comes home and finds his mother beaten he huntsdown his father bent on revenge. When a made member of the Outfit gets killed, car bombs go off, the FBI and ATF get involved. Now the FBI, the Outfit, his club brothers and the DEA are all hunting down Frankie, but still he manages to survive by his wits. It takes the kidnapping and brutal beating of his long time girlfriend Barbara by Carmine and Tony to make him surface. His only remaining trusted friend Anton must be called upon for a favor. Always cool and in control he manages a set up that leads to the arrest of his archenemies. During the trial that ultimately brings those to justice for murder, we finally see how far up the ladder power, control and corruption reach in the Windy City.


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