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By Darren Wiesner

GENRE: Horror, Western
LOGLINE: A fresh corpse is discovered by a mad scientist only to be resurrected to take revenge on an outlaw gang, the Bloody Vikings whose mission it is to rob the famous Golden Tomahawk train before fleeing back to Norway as kings.


A hard working black farmer by the name of Frank N. Stein is suddenly struck by news of his only daughter being beaten within an inch of her life. The assault has come from the hands of a notorious viking outlaw, Galmann. He is the leader of a vicious gang, the Bloody Vikings. Frank confronts the gang with sledge hammer in hand. Frank takes two of the members out before succumbing to his own death by way of sword. As his body is left in the desert with the two dead members, it is discovered by a passing mad scientist. Recognizing the dead corpse as a man that had once come to the scientist's aide, he feels compelled to resurrect the giant man and offer him a chance at revenge. Although the gang is only in town long enough to rob a luxury train, the Golden Tomahawk, they are caught off guard when Frank N. Stein reappears stronger and more menacing than ever. Too much to handle, Galmann calls on the Norse god, Odin, to fight his battles. Luckily, the mad scientist has befriended a rain dancer with tricks of his own. The train is on route and Frank is on the hunt. Who will be the victor?


If interested, please request the script privately. Thank you.

Darren Wiesner

This script is filled with insight into new inventions being created as the story unfolds. Never a dull moment and showcasing creative modes of transportation as well as some viking history.

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