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By Roberta Griffin

GENRE: Thriller, Crime

A secret and a lie forces an innocent man to resort to blackmail and coercion to keep his daughter safe from a group of heinous thugs that have threatened her life because they can.


Does the bad guy always win?

He’s a hardworking guy, someone you can always count on. When he saw the boss’ nephew dealing his uncle’s product on the side, the nephew noticed and got real paranoid, so he set him up.

He’s aware of the unscrupulous side of his boss’s business and always stays clear of it.

Taking the word of his nephew, the boss not only fires this guy but tells him he wants all the money his nephew accused him of making with these side deals, within seven days. Furthermore, if he doesn’t come up with the money, the boss, with only the worst of intentions, threatens to take this guy's teenage daughter as well. Forced into a nasty situation and unable to involve the cops, he’s got to think quick.

His perspective begins to change as his eyes open wide to the other side of nice people.

With little time and little money, he takes a lesson on how he was done dirty and the line between right and wrong begins to blur. He meets a sexy, washed up actress with connections to people with lots of money and lots of dirty little secrets. Blackmail and coercion become a big part of his vocabulary as he watches himself evolve into something he never thought he’d become…the bad guy.

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