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By Frances Emerson

GENRE: Comedy

When grade A screw up and all-star slacker, Harlan Treadmore Cuppernell III, finds himself kicked out of college—and his aunt and uncle’s mansion—for cheating, he learns living in the real world isn’t the piece of cake he once thought.  And then he meets up with the beautiful, red-headed schemer who’s already set her eyes on his gargantuan trust fund, his late father’s restaurant –AND HIM!


Total college screw up Harlan Treadmore Cuppernell III has been kicked out of college for cheating. And out of his aunt and uncle’s good graces. No longer abler to rely on his late fathers’ ample trust fund left to him, Harlan must now go out into the real world and work for a living. He lands a minimum wage job at a local restaurant—unbeknownst to him—with the help of his aunt.

Harlan quickly learns he and the restaurant are targets of a beautiful, scheming redhead, Alexis, who’s sole mission is to get Harlan’s money, the restaurant and him and start living the cushy lifestyle she wants to get accustomed to.

But, best laid plan go awry with the aid of his motley crew of co-workers—and the server Harlan he’s fallen in love with and who gets falsely accused and arrested for embezzling money from the restaurant.

Little does Harlan know the restaurant is really his, left to him by his father in his will. And when Harlan proves his worthiness, at last, to his aunt and his uncle, he finally gets a shot at own and operating Le Bon Monjez all on his own—while landing the woman of his dreams.

Nathaniel Baker

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