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Wlad Dozorsky

Wlad Dozorsky

Producer, Screenwriter and Script Consultant

Irvine, California

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February 2015
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W. Dozorsky Biography

W. DOZORSKY as sole proprietor of Zren Films has lived in California since around 1975
after relocating from Rochester, New York.—He has been writing screenplays on and off over
a number of years and has completed a large number of scripts, ranging from science fiction
to historical themes to modern drama and even some comedy.

Too impatient to wait for some break from some outside source, he has recently decided to move into production of his own works, which he has always written with an intent that they also have literary value, fit to be appreciated as literature as well as be performed.—His viewpoint has been that a work of art is a creation which needs to have both wide appeal and lasting appeal, on account of involving excellence and skill.

Another favorite approach has been to avoid simply repeating what has been done thousands
of times before and probably better, but instead pursue pioneering ventures and new ground:—like when it comes to history, delve into events in ancient Eastern Europe rather than repeat stories about ancient Rome which have already been done many times and done well,—or when it comes to mythology, delve into ancient Sumerian themes, rather than repeat ancient Egyptian themes or Celtic themes which have already been done many times and done better,—or make sure that it is the good characters in the story who typically have the best love life and sex life, not the bad characters who simply wallow in bitter drive for vengeful power by which they get destroyed.—His many completed works are ready to inspire and in turn provide work for whole regiments of other creative persons.

Among his completed screenplays are biographical, like A Great Inventor: "The Life of Nikola
Tesla";—"Storm and Drive: The Life of Goethe";—screenplays based on past historical events,
like "The Scythians" about the first major military failure of the Persian Empire even one generation before the famous battle of Marathon, and "Changes in Faith" about the transition
from paganism to Christianity in what is now Ukraine and Russia;—scripts based on American
history like "The Johnson County War";—"The Prophet Daniel", a script based on the Biblical story;—"Process Serving", a contemporary comedy;—"The Prodigal Son", about recent history,
terrorist activities, including mention of the terrorist attack on New York in September, 2001;
—"Duke", a modern cops and gangsters story;—"Turning Around" and "The Raiders of Sunshineville", about an extremely dysfunctional future society in the 2600's, homage to the
cyberpunk genre of science fiction;—"Of Powers on High, Ahead of Us"; "Of Powers on High,
Behind Us" and "Of Powers on High, The Judgment", a science fiction trilogy about possible ancient visitation of Earth by space travellers and the effect on human development, an ultimate cultural clash and cultural inspiration;—"Space Chronicles: The Bridgemaker" and "Space Chronicles: The Federation Pioneers", further science fiction stories;—"Of Pathways and Justice", sword and sorcery stories;—"The Sign of Four", an adaptation of a Sherlock Holmes story;—"The Time Machine 2000 A.D.", an adaptation of the original H.G. Wells story;—"Lord Greystoke and the Golden Lion", an adaptation of a story about Tarzan;—"Dracula, The Confidential Story", an adaptation of the classical vampire story by Bram Stoker;—"A Vampire’s Choice", an ironic, quirky, unique contemporary vampire story;—"Eternia’s Finest Hour" and "Eternia’s Final Battle", adaptation of the Masters of the Universe theme;—"Day of Dragons", fantasy and action adventure;—"Coney Island Dream", a modern love story with supernatural twist;—"Shamballah: The City of Dreams", an homage to the Indiana Jones style of exploration;—"The Satanists", about dark occult forces;—
"The Deathless Kingdom", about a Christian missionary confronting a witch in the Yucatan region of Mexico.

Other recent accomplishments include: 1) the writing for hire, then rewriting from first page and revising a feature length script entitled "Entwined in Love" also known as "Across All Worlds", hired by and working for New Era Films with chief executive officer Yougander (Yogi) Kathuria; 2) developing, rewriting and polishing scripts in connection with Dave Mortell and Dave Mortell Productions, as well as Rising Star Holdings Entertainment; 3) evaluating scripts on an ongoing basis in connection with Hearthstone Development LLC with chief executive officer Michael Moé.

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