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By Natalia Shudrina

GENRE: Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Mystery
LOGLINE: Ancient Gods are aiming for getting back the erstwhile power. They take effort by effort but rivalry and long-standing feud create irresistible obstacle in achieving the aim.


“Overthrown” is a TV-series about ancient Gods longing to get back the power they used to have. Now their destiny depends on the ordinary mortal girl. She becomes an object of their intrigues and ambitions. Slogan: “Everyone needs love. If they lack it then they substitute it with might and power. But that’s only substitution.” Zeus, Hera, Ares, Aphrodite are the names of Greek Gods. The same ones ancient Romans had – Jupiter, Juno, Mars, Venus. Ancient Egyptians had Osiris, Isis, Seth and Astarte. Many cultures have similar pantheons of ancient Gods which carry similar functions. Epochs changed each other but such similarity remained the same. In other words we can suppose that these are the same gods under different names. They are in the constant rivalry. They are being forgotten by people sometimes. They gain power then they lose it. That eternal struggle full of hurt and hatred cannot be stopped and cannot be changed. But where are all these gods nowadays? What are they doing? First two seasons are devoted to introducing of the main characters: to show the pantheon of gods, to tell their stories, to show the initial point of their intrigues and the regeneration of Aphrodite. The rest of the story develops at the present time. It contains all necessary comebacks of the characters and guides the audience to the main storyline and its outcome. In the first season an ordinary girl meets an extremely attractive man. She falls in love with him. Then she understands that she got involved into the epicenter of gods’ struggle and that her boyfriend is the God of War – Ares. He uses her to achieve his own purposes. They need to find artifacts in order to find Zeus, considered to be lost. The girl turns out to be one of the ‘keys’ in that puzzle as she is an ancient gods’ descendant. In the climax she is given ‘life/death’ choice. She chooses the death and it regenerates her into Aphrodite. The storyline of Aphrodite is going to be told in the next season. For now Ares convinces her that his feeling towards her is true; also the girl is persuaded to occupy the position of Aphrodite in the pantheon. She is explained that it was all planned and the plan led her to Olympus. The second season is devoted to the complicated relationships between Aphrodite and Ares. Love and propensity to struggle and power – what do they have in common? Passion? It used to be but not anymore. Gradually their relationships were transformed into powerful fusion of love and hatred. They themselves could hardly understand what was between them. Aphrodite decides to live among ordinary people after last conflict with Ares. There was a war that killed lots of people. The Goddess of Love could not stand it. She decides to become mortal again. Apollo with his supporters finds her and tries to get her back to Olympus where the position of Aphrodite is occupied by impostor. Having come through many intrigues and adventures Apollo succeeds to bring the girl back to Olympus. Aphrodite regenerates again. She struggles for her position against her opponent – Athena. Also Aphrodite struggles for the heart of Ares. She succeeds in both things. The outcome is that it was all planned beforehand by Athena. She wanted to bring her father Zeus back. It was ‘official’ pretext. Her true purpose was bringing her mother – Metis – back. TV-series is built on the idea of usage both things - myths and legends of Ancient Greek (put in contemporary circumstances) and creating original storylines within the main story at the same time. The message of the TV-series – ‘Everyone needs love. If they lack it then they substitute it with might and power. But that’s only substitution’ – is conveyed by the Goddess of Wisdom – Metis.

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