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By Darryl Edric Pugh, Sr.

GENRE: Independent

They were the family of men who made the steel that built America and the Atomic Bomb. Based on a true story of three generations of black men and the struggles and triumphs they had in the little town of Bethlehem.


The Last Men of Steel is the story of four generations of black men who once made the steel that built America and the Atomic Bomb. Told through the eyes of Blink, the youngest of the four of this family of steelworkers.

It begins in the late 1800's when Blink's great grandfather Fenton Brown, an Irish immigrant, comes up from Virginia to help build the United Steel Company in a town called Sparrows Point located in Bethlehem, Maryland.

Fenton brings with him his Native American wife named Evaline, and their six daughters Della, Carrie, Helen, Gussie, Evelyn and Debbie. They were a an incredibly beautiful group of mixed race young women who attracted a lot of steel workers when they grew of age. Debbie died young. She was burned alive when her dress caught on fire as a result of playing with matches. My grandmother Evelyn witnessed it but couldn't catch up with her as she ran in panic. She never forgot.

Evelyn would grow up to meet and marry Melville Westbrook Pugh, a tough hard working, hard drinking and hard gambling man of steel. He migrated from Whiteplains New York to Sparrows Point after loosing most of his family to the 1918 flu epidemic. After that, he made his living as one of the many who were given the task of gathering bodies during this horrific time in our history. Doctors wanted to run tests on him because they couldn't understand why he didn't contract the disease. He was believed to have some type of super immune system. He worked 44 years as the first black crane operator and retired with a perfect attendance reward.

The story is a mixture of struggle, triumph, love, family and community. Blink tells the tempetuous and sometimes toxic love story of his parents Harry and Geraldine and how it ties into the surrounding very close knit community called Sparrows Point. At one point in history they were the largest tide-water producing steel plant in the world and was credited as supplying the steel that built the Atom bomb.

It's a wild and sometimes crazy story with many twists and turns with an incredible historical and musical backdrop. See 1991 award-winning documentary "It Takes A Village - The Sparrows Point Story" Watch on our "pay what you like" video-on-demand television network. Click Here To Donate Now!

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