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About Clint

For over twenty years I have been a DJ for weddings, events, and other parties, but that's just one side of me.

The other side is an aspiring screenwriter, looking for that big dream. I know we all have that dream, but, it’s a good dream, and I'll chase after it. That chase started long before I was born.

My dad, Mel Harris Pittenger, grew up in the entertainment industry. He started his first role as an extra when he was six years old, on the pilot set for LEAVE IT TO BEAVER, and then he worked in commercials and stunt roles. Life evolved in the film world.
While growing up he had a dream, and it was to be a cowboy in a rodeo. We went to every fair, and rodeo for as long as I can remember, but Dad hid a secret between his days of being a stuntman and a cowboy. I'll share in just a moment.

When he met my mom they lived in a house right down the way from Charles Manson, of all people. When my dad rode his horse down the trail, guess who he would run into? Yep, Charles Manson. Obviously this was before the Tate incident, and before my dad knew what Charlie was all about. That's not the secret, so keep reading.

My dad got some nice film roles. In one, he chased Charlton Heston up the stairs on a horse in the original PLANET OF THE APES and he was in the second one, too. He worked with WOODY ALLEN, as a sperm in the movie, EVERYTHING YOU WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT SEX BUT WERE AFRAID TO ASK.He was in one of my Disney favorites, THE APPLE DUMPLING GANG, and MASH 4077, LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE, FATHER MURPHY, BLAZING SADDLES and so much more.

My dad inspired me to look into the entertainment business, and I did. I started playing in local rock bands, and deejaying. Screenwriting hadn't sunk in at the time, but it does. My dad came to me and said, let's write a screenplay when I was about thirteen. I wasn't sure what a screenplay was, but after I learned, I really liked writing them. So, we started working on ideas.

As time went on, the music scene was my thing for a while. Then I got into deejaying, which was a lot of fun, and had a different kind of crowd, which meant a different experience.
When my dad got into the horse race business things changed in all kinds of directions. Screenwriting was less of a thought, but going to the movies every weekend did not change.

That secret? It’s about to reveal itself here.

In 1993 my dad was murdered. The case went cold, since the clues were all twisted up and no witnesses would come forward. We didn’t understand at first, but then the detectives shared some information. It seems that my dad, the stuntman, the rodeo star, was also a drag queen in his late hours.
I knew this since I was about thirteen (by the way my parents split when I was eight), but I didn’t care. He was still my dad. It was also made clear to me that the person my dad was dating stole a racing horse, and come to find out, she was married to someone in the Mexican mafia. Talk about a twist!
It was a while before I ever wrote a screenplay, and when I did start writing, I was in my mid twenties. It wasn’t until my late thirties I had decided screenwriting was in my blood. It wasn’t just a passion, or love thing. It was me and I needed to allow it to be a part of my life. Even if I don’t make it, it’s who I am, and what I will do it until I can’t write anymore.
I enjoy writing any genre, but my favorite is suspenseful thrillers with a hint of horror. Lately it’s been war stories, ghost stories, and some drama. I have one completed script, DEFENSELESS, registered through the WGA, and four scripts that need a rewrite, and three more that are close to being done. As time goes on I will have more finished, and MOTHER’S WILL is my latest, so I am hoping to get that done soon. I do have a website,, it’s currently being updated, but I do have information posted there.

I recently started a Facebook Page,, where I am interviewing aspiring screenwriters, and exposing their talent. If you would like to be interviewed, email or message me and I can send you a questionnaire. My information can be found on either website.

Thank you for taking your time to read my bio. I hope I provided some interesting information. I am looking forward to connecting with future aspiring film makers from all over the world.

Clint Pittenger

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