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By Brian McCormick

GENRE: Action, Drama

Fourteen weeks before the World Cup, an injured, narcissistic and presumed washed up soccer star escapes to his childhood farm where he makes a desperate deal with a war-scarred surgeon to retrain his body, but will the new man she returns to the field be strong enough to compete for the greatest prize in sports?


Action Drama Romance—FALLEN STAR

Johnny attacks the goal—Carlo delivers a vicious foul—Johnny’s knee SNAPS—His quest for World Cup glory crashes to the ground.

Johnny Lane is his country’s “golden boy”. The loner, playboy and nation’s top scorer has been told he will never compete again. But he can’t quit. Mobbed by the media, he escapes to the isolation and ghosts of his childhood farm. With just fourteen weeks until the Cup, Johnny will force his body back into game shape or destroy himself trying.

Failing terribly is only part of his problem. The place has a new tenant—Carrie.

The war-scarred surgeon rejects his self-destructive methods and massive ego. She soon realizes the only way to regain her hiding place is to help him. A deal is forged and she trains his body, completely re-working his playing style and taking his skills to a new level. Isolation and intense days lead to Carrie discovering the inner Johnny while facing her own wounds. Now, with toe billion fans watching he must face Carlo again, and there can only be one winner.

Carlo chops him again. Hobbled, in the locker room Johnny must decide, does he have the courage to achieve his ultimate goal? Or will he remain a FALLEN STAR?

If you like the concept, I will be happy to send you the script.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Brian McCormick


BIO: Brian McCormick is a former semi-pro soccer player, and one of a hundred athletes to have his ankle woven together with titanium wire.

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