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By Andy Kline

GENRE: Adventure, Sci-fi, Thriller

A Sci-Fi thriller of love, deceit, and war between interplanetary humans.


Logline: When interplanetary life evolves, will it mean the end for earth?


Genre: Sci-fi/Action/Thriller

Target audience: teen/adult: 13-100

Comment: This story uses a lot of (but not entirely) real technology currently in development for both terrestrial and non-terrestrial living as well as true science about the moon and space.

Act One

It’s the year 2050 and the earth is a much different world than it is today. Global warming, climate change, and depleted resources have left the human existence at its final hour. The last 2 oil companies are largely responsible, but 7 young, progressive board of directors to the companies known as the “lucky 7” overrule the other directors and declare an end to the oil industry by forming a new energy industry - the International Energy Agency (IEA) which will supply the world’s energy needs with He-3 from the moon. They are instantly hailed as heroes and from then on referred to as the “Savior 7.” Jack Durant, 35, British, the charismatic leader and face of the Savior 7 becomes an instant legend and is credited for saving the human race. Jack’s announcement was considered “Humanity’s Most Triumphant Moment”. Colonization of the moon which had already begun for industrial purposes, takes off.

26 years later, Aidyn Nash, 28, American living in Seattle, WA, finds himself under house arrest after being expelled for finding unsettling classified information at the most prestigious military academy in the world- the IEA’s own militia academy. Only because Aidyn didn’t fully understand what he had found was his life spared. He was the star cadet of the academy and was used as a high profile propaganda tool for the militia’s image. Most considered the IEA’s militia to be like the NSA on steroids. Aidyn now lives in disgrace.

The only good fortune in his life is having an unbelievably loving and supportive girlfriend, Esme, 27, American. Without her, he’d be destitute and homeless. However, he still revels in deep despair with a total feeling of worthlessness every day. He is forbidden to use his academy training in anyway in civilian life and is monitored at all times by the academy.

After a series of events, Aidyn receives an invitation to visit the lunar colony from his genius childhood friend, Divyendu, 29, Indian, who is the colony’s chief architect. He decides this would be the only second chance at life he would get and he also needed this chance to marry Esme. The lunar colony, governed by Jack Durant, is booming. Many opportunities outside the mining industry are flourishing. Aidyn makes the pain staking decision to leave Esme. She promises to join him after he gets established.

Act Two

On the voyage to the moon, Aidyn meets a humorous, quirky jokester, Dan McCreedy, and the two hit it off immediately. After they eat a mandatory meal upon their lunar arrival, they speed off with Divyendu who brings them to their new homes where everything is provided for them including “serv-bots” – service robots. Lunar life is completely serene in the colony. Crime and violence do not exist. It’s like a utopia. They live under a dome so there is no need to wear oxygen masks or suits. It is peaceful, tranquil and with no pollution. The “Lunas”, as they call themselves, have taken on an identity all their own and most don’t consider themselves to be earthlings anymore. Their technology and way of life is fast becoming more advanced than earth’s.

On their first night out, Aidyn and Dan play live music at a club, and meet a sultry and sexy Chinese girl, Wu Cai, 23, who after listening to Aidyn’s song, becomes instantly attracted to him. Aidyn can’t help but be taken in by her sexiness and strength, but resists in order to remain faithful to Esme. However, Wu’s beauty and seductiveness tempts him every time they are together and the sexual tension between the two remains high.

Meanwhile, Jack Durant, who lives in the colony, requests a higher share of the IEA profits from the other Savior 7 due to increased production costs and extra security needed from bandits on He-3 shuttles to earth. Jack’s main nemesis, Dick Singleton, 60, American, denies his request. The two have an ugly exchange.

In retaliation for not upping his percentage of profit, Jack decides to suspend He-3 shipments to the earth – their primary source of fuel. This causes some revolt on earth against Lunas, governments and the IEA on the still volatile planet. The conflict escalates and the other Savior 7 realize trying to contain Jack is no longer possible.

A propaganda war ignites between lunas and earthlings. Many lunas advocate total succession and independence from earth! Dick convinces the other Savior 7 to authorize a sabotage attempt to the colony’s energy source to send a message to Jack.

Aidyn, Dan and Wu go sightseeing around the colony. They end up in a restricted area and see fleets of military battle ships that have been kept secret. They get spotted and a chase ensues. They escape but not until Aidyn has to use his incredible combat skills to save them. However, without Wu Cai’s extraordinary battle technique, escape would not have been possible. We learn that Wu was the youngest graduate in the Chinese military academy’s history and was top of her class.

Then tragedy strikes! The three go on a tour of the solar energy fields (the moon’s means of energy) with Divyendu as their guide, robots try to take out the power grid, but one is hit accidentally by Divyendu’s hover craft. A skirmish breaks out and Aidyn and Wu use their fierce combat skills to take out the robots and save the others.

Act Three

After Jack Durant learns about this act of sabotage issued from the other Savior 7, he meets Aidyn and asks him to be a general for the upcoming revolutionary war against the earth. Filled with pride, honor and belief in the cause, he accepts. Dan was to be part of Aidyn’s crew. Wu Cai and Divyendu were to lead the campaign against China and India. A full scale attack on major countries is ordered. Jack Durant declares war against the earth and the Lunas all rally to the cause.

Aidyn’s mission is to take out the other Savior 7 in Seattle. The idea of attacking Seattle where Esme lives throws him into conflict. She begs him not to go through with it, but he refuses to listen to her.

The war begins. Lunas attacking their native countries! Some lunas have mixed emotions about it. Wu decides she can’t attack China and abandons her mission. She, instead, stows away on Aidyn’s ship. Divyendu, feeling the duty to protect the colony he built, perishes while attacking India. Aidyn, Dan and Wu’s battle ship gets shot down in Lake Washington. Esme, knowing Aidyn’s mission, finds them hiding out on the bank of the lake plotting to break into the Savior 7 compound.

Then, they are all kidnapped and wake up in a dark room bound and gagged. An old man steps out from the darkness. He is the former member of the oil company that the Savior 7 rose up against and defeated years ago. He tells them Jack has gone mad with power and plans to kill the other Savior 7 in order to control the earth and the colony. At first Aidyn disbelieves him, but after the old man reveals the secret plan by the Savior 7 that Aidyn unknowingly found at the militia academy it all makes sense to him. It’s also revealed how Lunas are controlled by Jack after ingesting a compound that neutralizes certain genes from the mandatory first meal on their lunar arrival – thus resulting in such control and serenity on the moon.

With the old man’s help, they enter the compound. Jack is there and already has the other Savior 7 in his grasp – bound and tied. A showdown between Jack and Aidyn ensues. The Savior 7’s plan of bringing humanity to its knees before “rescuing it” in order to take complete control of the masses makes it to the public and a revolt against them sparks. An angry mob storms into the IEA compound.

Aidyn finally has Jack defeated and is one twist away from ending his life when they hear the mob coming. Now Aidyn, Wu, Dan and Esme must decide if they should trust Jack to get them out or risk being killed by the mob. They have no choice but to trust Jack and he leads them to an escape space ship located beneath the compound. They escape just in time and when in orbit, Jack turns on them, but fails and is killed. When they return to earth, to his surprise, Aidyn gets a hero’s welcome.


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