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By Stephanie Gaudinier

GENRE: Horror, Thriller
LOGLINE: R is a modernized version of the Edgar Allen Poe short story The Masque of Red Death. The meningococcal meningitis disease is spreading across the country. The relationship of two childhood friends is tested when one of them contracts the deadly disease.


Eric comes from a poverty ridden family and once his mother contracts the deadly disease that is spreading worldwide, he turns to his friend Philip for help and is turned away. Eric then seeks out revenge on Philip for abandoning him in a time of need and crashes the party he is holding at his estate. Eric, with the help of other people who have contracted the meningococcal meningitis disease, invade Philip's mansion and kill everyone with the estate with the exception of Philip. Eric tricks Philip and locks him inside a pitch black room, where he encounter or hallucinates phantom like figures attacking him. Eric leaves Philip alone, even after he begs and pleads with him, and returns the favor to Philip. Philip, alone, terrified and taunted by the phantoms in the room with him, decides to kill himself.

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