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By Molochko Evgeniy Ivanovich

GENRE: Action

He must make a choice - hard to live or die easily.


All events take place in our time. The main character is a young guy named Jack.

Mike (Jack's elder brother) invites Jack to stay with his family for a week-end in Los Angeles.As usual brothers get drunk fairly in the first day. Jack tries to get acquainted with a pretty girl in a club, but suddenly faints. Jack will regain consciousness in an unfamiliar room, corpse of that girl from the club lies near him. Jack can’t recall anything. This girl is a girlfriend of one of the main criminal authorities of the city by the name of Evil Frank. Evil Frank forces Jack to run an errand for him.

Jackhas no idea that from that moment, his life becomes a nightmare. His brother disappeared together with his family without a trace. Sheer bumper crimes, solving problems of others and as always matters of life and death don't leave Jack in peace for a minute. Young girl named Dora will appear in the film. She will help Jack in solving of his problems. Later Jack has to meet with leaders of Chinese Triad and Russian Mafia, there will be problems with a local police. Jack should find the guy known as Risk Taker, who stole common fund from local leaders of gangs in the sum of 50 million dollars and Jack never saw him in the eyes. And only practically at the end of the movie Jack learns all the truth that namely his brother gives him the shaft at the beginning of the movie. And that Dora and Mike worked in the police under cover till their chief didn't sell them out to gangs for money. And how Mike, Dora, the chief of police and Risk Taker made an arrangement together to destroy gangs, to pocket their money and to revenge their chief, and Jack would help them with all this matter.


constant tension of the main character

will force the TV viewer to empathize him, and the twirled plot,

extraordinary turn of events, fascinating pursuits and firefights, will make

this movie rather interesting.


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