David Beard's Reel

Happy Halloween 2016

Free Music Download at www.soundcloud.com/davidbeardmusicproduction/halloween-dance-macabre-13-... (13 days only) A dark instrumental, perc...

Cursed Official Trailer

It was a pleasure to create this 30-second soundscape for Michael Keeling's 'Cursed'.

You cant beat a real fire.

Took some close-ups of my open fire burning away.... And that's me on the piano.

The Consultant - Complete Score

Complete soundtrack to the Australian short film 'The Consultant' - Edits, Underscores & Stems available - visit www.davidbeardmusic.com for more information.

Jack Says (thriller)

Music written for feature film 'Jack Says'.

Sao Paulo - David Beard (Contemporary Dance)

Contemporary Dance Music created for The Vanessa Millar School of Dancing. Showing 'Beats per Bar' & 'Structure'. More music at http://www.davidbeardmusic.com

The Opening - Opening Cue (Horror)

The opening cue to Owen Tooth's short film 'The Opening' 2007 - "...Clinic is lost in dark folklore. The forest is dense and the sky a far reach. It would make anyone scream, yell, sob. If they could. What do you do when you're trapped? Trapped inside your own head because you've lost your voice? The Watchmaker wants to tinker inside and find the cogs and screws, take you apart and put you back together. The Blacksmith wants to use his hammer to beat out your screams. Clinic just wants to be...

Jack Rio - 3 Diegetic Film Cues (Film within the Film).

The 3 film cues created for the Film within the film of 'Jack Rio' - A 2008 thriller film directed by Gregori J. Martin. The film is based on a short film written and directed by the films lead actor Matt Borlenghi. More examples on www.davidbeardmusic.com

Lebensraum (extract) - Free Download by David Beard

Extract of the score for 'Lebensraum' PRS Tunecode 114066CS - Download for free.

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