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By Laronda Charese

GENRE: Drama, Action

this can't be life, I keep blinking in the moments I have to myself to make sure that this is real, I can and will go to a place that's not so destitute but first I must free the nations...


In this TV Series set for year 6014 expanding to up to 14 yrs in the future (6028); a young Hebrew woman meets her love in a young Israeli man, they find themselves centered in the midst of a plot by a prominent Judge his mother and his wife the woman who has her eyes on ruling, from Mayor, to Governor then President! they plot and create chaos from orchestrated events and magnified media coverage in order to institute Marshall's Law on a country so that they and all those who made a secret covenant can control every aspect of the country and surrounding nations who want to do business with them in Health care, employment, agriculture, transportation and everything they can get their hands on. its up to Matthew and Abigail to bring knowledge to the Nations in order to stop the plan or at least postpone the plan so that a people that will listen can escape their rule in time; they must unite in "We the People"

Timothy Christopher Teemal

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Timothy Christopher Teemal

I'm not seeing this as a TV series but more as a one off feature film. That's because I suspect once the president and judge get thwarted one time, the story will quickly switch to murder pursuit where the powerful send their forces to get rid of those trying to stop them. Just my two cents. Have a good one.

Laronda Charese

Thanks Timothy Christopher Teemal the Series is heading up to them getting to this point so over about 5 -7 seasons that will be the ending result. starting off they are not in that position but planning... So season one will show the end result.

Timothy Christopher Teemal


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