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By Mike Blue Polaski

GENRE: Action, Fantasy, Sci-fi, War

When Alex Ehlinger, a senior student, witnesses his boarding school attacked at the onset of a military coup, he enlists a group of strangers to aid him in defending the fractured republic, against his former teacher in order to ultimately reestablish harmony no matter the cost.


Alex Ehlinger, the star pupil at an academy training to be a Watcher, a police force which has been entrusted with the security of two nations: Mispellem and Vanahei. On the first day of the academy’s annual war games, a military coup attacks the academy its students. This event spills over into the cultural center of the two nations and causes the people to dispel the façade of unity and bring to light the deeply rooted prejudice that was always lurking below the surface. Alex leads his classmates in an attempt to escort refugees to safety only to be confronted by his favorite teacher, leading opposing forces, as they kill innocent people fleeing the city.

After being presumed dead in the inciting battle, Alex decides to take it upon himself to train and lead and a group of men, who’ve learned to trust him and fight for the ideas the Watchers were founded on. He quietly leads his group of guerrillas to disrupt the soldiers of his native country, the Mispellem Liberation Movement, as they engage the National Vanahei Army. Alex and his men decide to join the fold under the NVA and eventually lead it into battle. All the while Alex hides his nationality as he struggles with the sacrifice of his freedom, family, and allegiances to protect the frail pillars of humanity to ultimately decide if a united and peaceful civilization is worth the fight.

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