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By Jeff Hansen

GENRE: Action, Crime, Drama

A rookie cop, jaded by injustice and the reality of a thankless job, orchestrates a Blue Flu where thousands of cops call in sick on the same day. As his city descends into lawless chaos he must deal with the consequences and save his own small family from impending danger.


As a young rookie cop Willie dreamt of helping to protect people and come to terms with his own abusive past. Willie advances in his career, but soon discovers the almost impenetrable lack of trust between the police and the public they serve. His career begins a downward spiral as the conflicts between he and the community, his city and his own administration take a toll on his steadfast desire to do the right thing. In a desperate attempt at proving the importance of law enforcement to the public, Willie networks and then conspires with police officers across the country to call in 'sick' at midnight, on the 4th of July. Willie soon realizes how naive he was when criminals immediately overreact to the lack of police presence and chaos ensues. Now he must stop what he started in an effort to save his city, his fellow officer and now his own small family from a notorious criminal figure, with a personal vendetta.


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Mark LaFever

Jeff - this is excellent. Some might say it sounds like THE PURGE, which I also liked, but it's different in a very key way. With THE PURGE, dysfunctional law enforcement was explained with the notion that it just wasn't affordable to do things right anymore - which, if you think about it, is BS. The movie straight-up shows the wealthy investing in all kinds of home defense measures (governments could easily have "found" that same money through taxation, and bought themselves better policing). THE PURGE was still enjoyable, but it required some effort to suspend disbelief. BLUE FLU proposes a scenario similar to that of THE PURGE, but also proposes an explanation that makes much more sense - especially in light of recent events. It reminds me a little of the reasoning behind the "Day Without a Mexican" a few years back, or what some commentators proposed the U.S. do with regard to the rest of the world - impose a "Day Without America", to demonstrate all America does, voluntarily and without reward, for the world at large. The title is cool too - for the trailer/poster, I have a mental image of a thermometer superimposed over the "thin blue line" first, there's silence, but as the mercury in the thermometer rises, the red moving higher, the background sounds of gunshots, screams, barking dogs, screeching tires, breaking glass, all grow louder...but there are no sirens to be heard. Anyway, very cool idea - I'd love to watch this movie. Best of luck with it!

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