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By John Antony Dunne

GENRE: Action

POL-FORCE. The First Mission


POL-FORCE is about a team of Agents that are assembled from some of the best in their field to make up the Interpol Task Force (ITF). A mixed group of Military and Police from around the world put together by the United Nations and Interpol to combat international crimes such as drugs and arms dealing, human trafficking and terrorism as well as other international crimes.

The team consists of eight members. Tony Richards. Ex-military. Detective Charlotte Hope, Mark Connor ex-navy from England, Detective Tanya Smiles from LA, Detective Micheal Mullery from New York, Sergeant Janice Matheson from Canada, Detective Louise Carmichael from Australia and Agent Leila Chateaux from Interpol France.

The teams main Head Quarters is located in Milbank Tower on the west bank of the river Thames where they report to Commander Kelly Ann Ryan. They have an Extensive back up team that covers everything they need from Transport to Weapons and communications to those little toys that come in handy in an emergency.

There back up team has some colourful characters like the Tech branch officer Reginald Buxley-Smithe. And the Weapons Officer: Marcus Smith.

The story begins at the beginning of course when the team have yet to meet for the first time. They are all on their way to a training camp that is set up in the new forest and follows them through parts of their training. To be chosen for the Task Force. Whilst on Training all the teams are recalled due to an urgent mission to apprehend a group of international business men arms dealers that are selling to a Columbian drug baron called Pablo Sanchez.

Once recalled from their training mission the teams are given their scores and the Alpha team as they will come to be known as are ahead by quite some points and get chosen to go on the mission.

They find themselves travelling from London to Los Angeles to meet up with FBI Agent Jack Painter and then to Hawaii where they join forces with the Famous 5 O team to finally collar the bad guys.

This is just the first of many Missions the team will undertake in what I hope will be a successful book and hopefully a TV show of the same name.

I feel the concept and the characters in the book are brilliant and the general story is a winner but I do feel that it is lacking in descriptive moods at some points I tend to write as if I am viewing it as a TV show and do not always pay attention and describe the surrounding area to set moods of the Story line.

So far the reviews are good and feel that people fall in love with the characters in the story.

I have already come up with a cast list for most of the characters.


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John Antony Dunne

It has had some good reviews by a few Famous Actors. Actor Corin Nemec (Jonas Quinn in Star Gate SG1)" It is a Well Executed Story"

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