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By Howard Johnson

GENRE: Sci-fi

Two detectives begin harassing a man after his extraterrestrial sighting until they start having encounters their selves and need his help.


Brad is a young photographer with a passion for taking pictures. He goes from a regular 35 mm camera to a 7d canon to zoom in on butterflies. One day Brad develops a roll of pictures and finds a odd image in the picture. It's a picture of a strange image holding the butterfly he takes a picture of. The negative is so interesting he sends it to the local newspaper. The strange looking detectives begin following him around as he takes pictures. When they start harassing his girlfriend, he approaches them and finds out the strange image is a extraterrestrial from Planet X. They confiscate his film, forcefully, and advises him to never take pictures again. A worried young Brad avoids confrontation but refuses to stop his passion for pictures. The two detectives secretly monitor Brad and eventually seek his assistance when they find out the extraterrestrials has abducted their wives. He agrees to help if they give him his film back. The detectives give him back his film and they all three become fugitives evading the law while trying to find the detectives wives. Brad's girlfriend will be an extremely helpful tool in their rescue.


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