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By Alex Stitt

GENRE: Drama

A near-adult schoolboy is the hero of a terrible accident at his school, but he blames himself for deaths at the accident and spirals down toward his suicide until he finally sees that his heroism is the anchor helping others overcome their trauma.


UNWANTED is a coming-of-age drama about a final-year school boy, an unwanted baby blamed by his mother for every poor choice she's made and every bad thing that happens. At his school, four young students are killed in a freak accident with the boy the hero who rescues two and nearly dies trying to rescue others.

But he blames himself for the deaths, an irrational belief driven by his childhood programming and the school failing to take responsibility as it avoids liability for the deaths. The boy descends into a nightmare world as he tries to deal with his guilt, shame and terrifying hallucinations alone, harming him and the peers who so desperately need a hero to be able to cope with their own grief over the accident. It takes the devastation of his suicide attempt on his peers to make him realise he cannot do it alone and accept the help of the school counsellor, a man troubled by his own suicide-haunted past.

A chance remark by a boy he rescued leads him to recall a crucial event from his childhood and so understand he was never to blame for an accident that devastated his family years ago. Knowing this, he confronts his Mother and makes peace with his grandparents. He discovers he can help the family of one boy killed in the accident, and through this finds his vocation, giving him the confidence to win the results he needs to escape his mother forever.

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